Friday, August 18, 2006

More New Stuff

Point the first:
Nathan posted this on his wife's blog, and if you don't go watch the Sparty video, I'm not speaking to you right now.
Point the second:
Project Runway's results on Wednesday nearly made me cry. I can't talk about it this week, except to say that an egregious error has been committed, and the judges should be committed.
Point the third:
I got more furniture yesterday. It was a grand adventure. I decided it would be treat day, so I started with a trip to the New McDonalds, which has a fireplace and big screen TVs, but also less seating than the old, or so it appeared. It was like a business lunch McDonalds, with several large booth-type tables among other things. Anyway, I then jumped on the highway and headed to Jeffrey's Antiques, where I agonized for about an hour and a half and finally decided to get that china hutch and also a desk that I had seen previously, and which had been slightly decreased in price.
The problem occurred when I could only (and barely) get the hutch in my car (I SWEAR I measured that out and it should have fit better), and certainly not the desk (which after all was unplanned). So I called up my good buddy Steve to ask if I could borrow his SUV, traipsed home and called him again, with Paul, to get help getting the hutch out of my car, took the SUV back to Findlay, got the desk, got it into the apartment myself, and then looked after the SUV until Carrie and Paul swung by to pick it up before we all went to Steve and Liss's.
Phew! Crazy. Thanks everyone for your help, and I owe you favors all around. The furniture, I must say, looks great. I wish I could show you how great, but one again the picture function has refused to...function.


Anonymous said...

Project Runway was wrong, so wrong this week. It left a bad taste in my gut.

1. Jeffrey should have taken the prize. I was glad for Michael last week, but this week...his creation was a bland creampuff.

2. Alison, of course, should have stayed, and scary fashion-pervert Vincent should have gone home a long time ago. "I love this dress. It turns me on. It turns me on." Eww.

3. What was wrong with Laura? Much as I like her garments, she had a viper up her behind this week. I think the stress and politics are really getting to her.

They did give us a better look at the inspiration and development process, though. Sometimes I wonder if the editors are reading fans' blogs (like this one) more closely than we realize.

Anonymous said...

That was me - SECP.

MAW said...

I almost cried when Alison got sent home. Boo. Vincent is a lunatic, and although Angela has gotten better she still hasn't produced anything good. Alison, on the other hand, should have made it to the end. It's not fair to send her home because of one bad Minnie Mouse hairstyle.

On a brighter note, I'm quite happy that Michael is finally getting the attention he deserves. Although, now that he's getting more airtime, I'm noticing a distinct snaggle-tooth that I never noticed before. And it bothers me. A lot. (That's terribly petty, isn't it?)

Abs said...

I, too, have often had the creepy feeling of being watched when the show seems to respond to something we fans have said here on the blogspot. But I don't know what they're going to do about the outraged discussion board posts I've seen about Vincent vs. Alison. Especially considering Tim Gunn thought Alison's piece was sort of genius, I have to say there's no excusing what happened. It's not even a case of chacun a son gout, as Tim's outright madness.

Anonymous said...

Even the producers think so...did you read Andy the producer's blog on the 17th? It's here:

Apparently the producers have less an influence than we think on the judging. I've heard that they're very rarely called in, and only when the judges are having a really hard time making a decision.