Sunday, April 08, 2007



If you don't think that's unbelievably awesome, I can't help you.

The game was crazy. And by crazy I mean super-close. No one expected State to get that far, except us faithful Spartans who know the grit the team embodies. ESPN always calls them a "lunchbucket" team, which I love, because it exactly captures the patience and hard work they were throwing around last night. At one point, they were talking about one of Jeff Lerg's saves, and one announcer said, "It wasn't pretty to look at; it's not an oil painting. But he got the job done." A lot of what the Spartans threw down was pretty, some of it wasn't, but they also just played the game. It was physical (some of the pics on State's website show the loft after a few of the hits), it was tense, and if I shed a little tear as the last seconds ticked down, it was in appreciation of my all-time favorite hockey team looking like a National Championship team...
which they are.

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Carrie said...

Woohoo! Go Green! I too got a little verklempt while watching them win. :)

Thanks for reminding me about the game!