Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ladies, Insects, Requiems, and Emcees

Things I did that were not grading this weekend:

Baby shower! Much fun was had with a house full of girls and not a few babies. There's actually a picture of the mothers, babies, and pregnant lady that is too adorable for words.

Requiem! My church's choir sang Faure's Requiem during the 11 o'clock service Sunday. It was awesome fun. I really enjoyed hearing it, even if there was a little child on the opposite side of the congregation who we could hear talking through the whole thing. If your child is a chatterbox, there is a nursery, people! This Requiem is a big undertaking, and I'm pretty sure they were trying to record it.

Cabaret! While it seemed odd to attend Cabaret on a Sunday, I went ahead and did it anyway; after all, it's not really about the debauchery so much as it is the social clime and scary trends that were being largely ignored at the time. Highlights: former student as the emcee (a little weird to see his naked butt towards the end, but eh...it's the theater), a very lively Frenchie with the best sassy smile of the crowd, a rather dynamic lift that reminded me of the good old days, and the really interesting set choices. Drawbacks: I forget how loooooong the first act it (it is nearly two hours, and the second act, about 30-45 minutes. Ouch.)

Had a close brush with an indoor centipede!
Have I mentioned lately how much I hate them? I'm not ascared of much, but whenever I even look at one of these, it gives me a creepy feeling inside and makes me shudder. Even if it's in a picture. And if they're running, that's one hundred times worse. Bleh! So, when I was grading on Sunday night and looked down at my leg briefly, imagine my horror to find one ON ME! AHHHHH! I had a blanket on my lap, and there it was crawling up me. EW EW EW! I flicked it off me and then had to move my bag because it was probably going to crawl in there. Shudder. I feel so sorry for the three papers I was reading immediately following this incident because I'm pretty sure my comments will make no sense. Such was my distress.

Today, there are storms evidently rolling in, which will do no good for my centipede-jangled nerves.


Meiser Lee said...

ick. I get crawly just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Um, I used to see these in the summer in BG and I would FREAK OUT. I know how you feel...Carm