Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cook's comes up with the goods

So, I've been meaning to make this rustic plum cake recipe from the most recent issue of Cook's Illustrated. A few weeks ago I made the blueberry scone recipe, and the scones tasted awesome, and I was ready to try the cake on the next page, only when I was at the grocer--no plums. But this week, plums in the house, and time to make plum cake, whether I had someplace to take it or not. Then, on the day I was going to make it, I got a call that a gathering of friends was taking place, so I knew fate was on my side.
The recipe isn't super-complicated, except that part of the flour is ground-up slivered almonds. And the plums have to be cooked in a delicious syrup beforehand (in which Frambois Lambic was substituted for brandy. Because then I get to finish the bottle of Lambic). I was a little concerned that my springform is 10 inches instead of the 9 required, and time was a bit short for cooling the cake.
But only half a piece was left after the first hour I was at the gathering.
I tasted it--it was pretty nice, and it went down great on a warm summer evening. I actually had honest-go-goodness requests to make it in future.
So, there you go. Plum cake and jello shots are my specialities now.
And, my Mom suggested I also try it with peaches.
Good on you, Cook's. Way to contribute to my repertoire.

On another note, I had a poem accepted by RHINO. Hooray! Am currently trying to come up with something small and celebratory for myself, as is my custom.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your poem! Also, the blueberry scones were indeed awesome. Dave said to me how good they were, and it's hard to get a cooking compliment out of him (he tends to take good food for granted).

I baked brownies today, for Father's Day. Just the typical recipe on the box of baker's chocolate. However, I threw in some marshmallows I found in the back of the baking cabinet. The resulting pan of brownies looked awful - like a volcanic accident, huge crusty bubbles of exploded marshmallow - but they tasted great, so chewy and toasty-marshmallowy.


Abs said...

Contrary to Top Chef's belief, food does not have to look good. If it tastes awesome, rock it. The plum cake didn't look that great, actually. So I'm with you in that corner.
I guess Dave's entitled to take good food for granted; he's quite a chef in his own right, and you've always been good. Quite a pair, really.