Monday, June 18, 2007

I know, two posts in one day.
But I thought you deserved to know that I found my little reward for my poetry.
Trying to solve a big sewing problem yesterday, I went to two Joann Fabrics stores. Whilst wandering around the second with what I hope will solve the problem, as well as about a yard's worth of remnant peach shantung, I came across some Dupioni silk in a lovely, subtle shade of blush. It was, I believe, 19.99 a yard, which is completely extravagant for my standards, but I held the Golden Ticket: 50 % off coupon.
I was going to get a yard or two, and then I was trying to talk myself out of it, such was the expense, so I went to look at patterns--no pattern, no fabric would be the rule. But then I found this great skirt pattern, which included a drawstring skirt and listed shantung as a potential fabric, which is similar enough. I know, I know...drawstring with 20 bucks/yard, 100% Dupioni silk? But I thought it would look adorable and I got excited. Then, I couldn't find the pattern. I looked it up in the book again, and sure enough, I'd copied the number down incorrectly.
All this adds up to the obvious: I wanted the fabric.
And I bought 4.5 yards. Half-off. You do the math.

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