Monday, June 18, 2007


I'm a little shirty about this. In order to "assist BGSU employees with weight loss, smoking cessation and education on a variety of wellness topics" the HR department folks "have already begun planning an employee wellness day and other wellness-related events."
I'm sure that sounds very nice, but honestly I'd rather they just give me free entrance to the rec.
The rec's fee is probably lower than a standard gym (it's $110 per semester), but to be frank nothing turns me off healthy exercise more than paying for it (and, uh, sorry, parents, because I know dance wasn't cheap). Once, I wasted 80 bucks paying for a summer rec pass. I went, like, six times. If you pay per day ($5), that's 30 bucks. I guess if you're going to go swim often, it would be worth it, but I can't face that price.
This, I believe, is at the heart of the reason why I have been jogging outside in the summer, even though I don't really enjoy running all that much. So I thought, anyway.

Things may be changing--your little Avacious is, for the first time in her life, using an asthma inhaler.
As my nurse practitioner says, they're shrinking away from "exercise asthma" labels now because, if you are experiencing symptoms, then you have asthma, regardless of when it rears its head. For years, after exercise, I have often felt wheezy...not usually actually wheezing (well, maybe a little), but feeling that need in my chest. It wouldn't matter whether I was in what I'd consider good shape (dancing regularly) or not (jogging after a five-month break). I also get winded more quickly than I'd consider normal, even in peak condition. And of course, there's the allergies. I asked my NP, "Is there anything I can do, short of drugs?" She said no, but wrote me a scrip so I could "think about it." I didn't have to fill it, but I could if I wanted.
So I did.
This from the girl who thinks taking Advil requires a laborious decision-making process.
Yes, I went straight to the drugstore and got the inhaler. Then I tested it. On Monday last, pre-inhaler, I did my first run of the summer, stopped to talk to people twice, stopped to walk twice, and barely made it. On Friday, after the inhaler, I made it my whole route and didn't even feel like stopping once, and I even threw in an 85 percent sprint toward the end. My lungs outlasted my legs, which is unusual. Last night's run wasn't quite as successful, but I still made it without stopping, and my breath came back to normal pretty fast.

Could it be that what I thought was a questionable, occasional small problem was actually a very mild but persistent condition I didn't notice except when provoked by allergies, smoke, or running? Could it be that medicating said condition will greatly improve my lung capacity, since it will reduce labored breathing and give me a chance to "catch up"? Could it be that I actually enjoy running, just not breathing hard?
I don't know, but to be honest I'm a little excited about it.

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Amanda said...

Hey, doll! The BG Community Center on Haskins road is $125 for a whole year if you live in BG. Quite a bargain considering the prices at the rec and the chances of students staring at you while you work out...