Monday, July 30, 2007

And now I present to weekend.
I went shopping on Saturday. It was joyful. I had a PINK coupon for free undies with the purchase of a PINK item from VS, and $5 off any hoodie. Naturally, I bought a green hoodie that says Pink Mustangs on the back, a little nightie with rosebuds on it, and some more sweet lounge pants that have elastic so they sit around the knee sort of like baseball trousers, only without all the complication. My free undies have stripes.
I also went and bought a tee shirt at Forever 21 that is cream-colored and has a bird made out of words on it. I found it on the website on recon, and then had to look at basically every tee shirt in the store before I found it, about ten feet away from where I'd started my search and where a shop girl told me it would probably be in the back. The shirt was three feet away from her, as it turns out, though under a set of different shirts altogether. There were only two left, which suggests they probably had more at one point, which suggests the girl does not know their stock very well.
I also went to Hot Topic, which at this point remains the only place I have been to that has any Harry Potter memorabilia. I know that's hard to believe, but it's true. I bought two tank tops with Gryffindor and Order of the Phoenix pictures, and some new Magic Notebooks for conferencing. I was very excited about this.

I returned home and got some groceries, preparing for an experiment in stirfry. The challenge? Tofu. Cook's had info on this, and I tried it, and let me just say--it didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. The glaze they suggested tasted good, but the prep method was too much mess for me, for a product I was dubious of anyway. Certainly, the chunks were reasonably crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside, that really what I want out of a stirfry? Out of a meat substitute? The answer is no. Tofu will never be one of my favorites, and it will never replace chicken.
I will note that the veggies, which I did with a sweet chili sauce, were very delicious and taste extra nice over couscous, which cooks up a lot faster than rice (I was running late last night).

In other news, shark week started yesterday on The Discovery Channel, and I watched rather a lot of it while I was working on albums, or rather, taking pictures out of albums and putting them in new ones or putting them in piles to figure out where they're going to go. The moral of this story is, if you're planning to stop by, don't expect to find a place to sit. I really wanted to watch Ocean of Fear, but it was on at the same time as Miss Marple, so I'm hoping they play it again.

And that is pretty much it. Good, eh? Now, I have a book about putting poetry collections in order and can't wait to do some real work on this myself.


Anonymous said...

Familiarity with tofu will be useful if you ever have to cook for a vegetarian friend, though. You don't have to make it for yourself, but you'll be comfortable working with it. I tried to do curried tofu cube kabobs once: utter slimy, slippery failure. My friends told me I needed to press out some of the liquid or something like that.


Carrie said...

It was only halfway through my tenure as a vegetarian that I learned about pressing tofu to get rid of the liquid, which I now learned is a crucuial step in cooking tofu. If you ever decide to cook tofu again, I can give you some handy hints as I think we got pretty good at it. I developed a fondness for it, but I can see how it'd not be fore everyone.

And we recently made some failed tofu kabobs as well. I think the delicate nature of tofu just makes it super difficult to grill or kabob. Oh well!

Abs said...

Here's my question...what else *can* you do with tofu that won't be messy and that will be okay with that slightly sweet taste, or mask it entirely? I feel like I should know. Somehow my culinary education demands it.