Friday, July 27, 2007

Beer Happy

Let's talk a little bit about my day yesterday.
First, I was alerted to the fact that I had another poem accepted, this time in Pearl, which is pretty rad.
Now, as I noted in my myspace blog, this means I get a treat, usually a nice dinner and a shopping expedition of some type. So, since I'd finished up some Hamburger Helper yesterday afternoon, last night seemed like the logical time for special dinner. I was a little up in the air; I thought perhaps Poco Piatti carryout, but I'd been meaning to try South Side 6 for a while, because I do love gyros. My laziness won, and so did South Side 6. I checked out their menu online and also noted that they say they have a lot of imported beers. So I thought, why not? Stimmel's hasn't been able to get Blackthorn Dry Cider in yet, despite their regular supply of Lambic. I thought I'd look, and if not, see if they had a bottle of something else delicious to have with dinner.
And would you believe that, as I was scanning the shelves, noting that they also have my Lambic, there it was! Blackthorn, right there on the end.
I scooped up three bottles, bought a gyro and some rice pudding (I was going to get two gyros with the Thursday special, but it turns out those things are massive, so I'm glad I didn't), and couldn't supress my glee at the register as I bounced around at the finding of my London find. See, that's what I had that night I was starving and ate at a pub. It was so refreshing, and I was really hoping I could get it in America. And now I can! Woot!
Dinner was great. I made some feta-tomato-olive salad to eat with some pita chips I had, ate half a gyro and some rice pudding, and saved the rest for my post-run dinner tonight.
I also finished my dupioni skirt, while I was at it. It's pretty :) The hem sucks, but I think if I press it properly you won't be able to tell from outside.
I'm a little conflicted now, because I will need to patronize both Stimmel's and South Side 6 to support local businesses that have alcohol I enjoy. But it was also pretty awesome to just see what I'd been searching for right there on the shelf.

And then it stormed.

In other news, I am still working fo' reals on my poetry manuscript, and I am anxiously awaiting a book of essays all about putting such a thing in order. I see that the library has received the Ohiolink stuff, but I have to wait for an email. I half want to go over there and just make them dig through everything to gimme my book! (Did I mention that I actually said "gimme gimme gimme" to the mailman when he brought me my book? Because I did. Out loud.)

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