Friday, July 06, 2007

More Culinary Adventures/Fireworks/Smores/Quilting/HP

So, I have some eggs, and for once I'd like to use all my eggs before the date stamped on the carton. I start looking for recipes that are egg related in a cookbook that my aunt gave me, which has some rather fancy dishes in it. I'm thinking about terrines, but then I find this recipe for leek, chicory, and nut pancakes.
I have no leeks, nor chicory. But I do have some summer squash and zucchini I'd frozen, half a bag of frozen pepper stir fry, and some leek and morel cheese. Doesn't that sound good?
So I made the pancakes, which were actually more like crepes, except they had corn meal in with the flour and chili powder, and I also added a couple shakes of cinnamon just to be a little crazy. I'm a pretty decent crepe maker for a total amateur. I flip when I can, and while they occasionally get overbrowned, they also taste good. While this was going on I sauteed the vegetables and cubed the cheese, as instructed--because even though I'm completely changing a recipe, I still like to do what it says. And when the pancakes have cooled and softened, I put some of the veggies and cheese on each one, folded it, put it in a baking dish, then threw it all in the oven for fifteen minutes at 400.
Result? Awesome. I'm telling you, it was good. I ate a little too much, to be honest, but since I was about to walk to the fireworks, it really didn't matter.
I had four leftover pancakes, and last night I slathered them in butter and cinnamon sugar, chopped up some frozen peaches, and did my best to whip up some cream (it really didn't work), assembled it all, and ate half for dessert. These pancakes, you see, work both as a savory dish and as a "pudding" as the Brits would call it.
It was awesome.

So, this year I went to the fireworks. It's the first time I actually went further than a parking lot a few blocks away since I have been here. In fact, I went all the way to the hill outside the rec center and sat there, in the grass, smiling and laughing like a little kid. They were pretty neat, and it helped that I was far enough away that they weren't right over me, but close enough so I could see everything. Special favorites included the golden fountainy one, the one that looked like pistils shooting out of a flower, and everyone's favorite, the huge one that looked like it was disappearing and then came back as millions of gold dots. There were also a few that weren't splashy to look at, but that were obviously incredibly well timed. There's a lot of artistry to firework creation, and I had plenty of time to reflect on that.

After that, I got a call from Carrie, and headed over to enjoy sparklers, S'mores, and their awesome firepit. How relaxing is that?

Today, I finished the quilt I've been working on and handed it off to the dry cleaner (fingers crossed, as always), so now I'm free....FREE! work on my skirt if I want. My poofy, pretty, blush-colored Dupioni skirt. Or, take a night off. Whatever.

As Carrie notes, the HP countdown continues. I'm now reading HP 6 in preparation for book 7 to arrive on my doorstep (oh my gosh! what if it rains that day! aaaah!) but I can't wait until the movie next week, either. I've been thinking a lot about these two things, and I'm quietly slavering for both. I have purposely avoided almost all articles about movie 5 and book 7. It's a slow start to my temporary drop off the planet.
The preparation begins.

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