Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A little humility for Tuesday

3 Things I'm Not Good At

Dribbling a basketball
Whipping cream
Sticking to a grocery list


Anonymous said...

I was a terrible cream whipper, but then I read a hint: put the bowl (without the cream) in the freezer for a while to chill it beforehand. Also, you might need more powdered sugar than you're using.


Steve said...

Individually, or all at once? :)

Abs said...

Oh, Steve. You crazy man.
I do often put my bowl in the fridge. I'll try the freezer. That might work better in my tiny, warm kitchen. The recipes I use never call for sugar in the whipping of the cream, but I did read in Cook's yesterday that granulated sugar often works better than powdered. 'Twas very interesting.
Basically, the story is I whip too slow and it takes forever and I get tired. If I just used my mixer like a normal human being I'd probably be all right.

Anonymous said...

Gram F. used to put granulated sugar in whipping cream, and she put beaters as well as bowl in the fridge.