Thursday, January 17, 2008

PR Points for the week

  • First, Nina mentions in her PR blog that, as she watched the episode on TV, she "anticipated" (even though she knew the outcome) that Rami would be the one to go, based on his conflict with Sweet P. I gotta be honest, while I was worried about them, as soon as I heard Kit say, "It's awesome, it's fine, it's great," while Ricky was fussing worriedly over the ready-to-wear, I was almost positive she'd go. I thought to myself, "She got lazy about this challenge" and sure enough, auf'd.
  • I loved the avant garde outfit of team Jillian-Victorya. While the judges passed the ready-to-wear dress, I didn't care for it. It looked kind of little girly to me, and the top part was uninspiring in cut. Sure, they had practically no time, but the taste level seemed off to me. I think, if they hadn't both had time problems (Team Last Minute) they could have knocked out a winner there.
  • I was not at all sorry that Chris and Christian (Team Fierce) won. I am an established Christan naysayer (I don't think people with bad attitudes and poor people skills should receive fame and financial success, in the natural order of the world...that's me), but their team spirit was incredible, and from start to finish it felt good to see them joyful about a project together. It was like reveling in fashion playtime, which is really how things could be in the best world and how things should be for avant garde. I loved their interpretation of the romantic hairstyle (which I would love to do with my own hair, in a slightly less exuberant way). The blouse they did for the ready-to-wear is very similar to things I've seen in Victoria's Secret and Kohl's and such. Not sure that's a point in their favor, though it was tidy.
  • Add two inches to Sweet P's dress, and I would buy it, to wear with jeans, maybe. Hearts.
  • I don't know what the heck Rami was thinking...I expected him to understand avant garde for some reason. Did anyone else have this perception? In the end, I was really confused about what he was doing. I could see a sort of Midsummer Night's faerie queen thing with the hair, but...yikes. It needed to be overdone more, be more dynamic. Instead, it was drab.
  • On the model side of things, I was not sorry to see Katie go. If you're looking at models as clothes hangers, fine, but her walk was really not strong. I don't think she really showed anyone's work off well.
  • No more team challenges!


Carrie said...

I had really liked Rami until this point- a little one note in his designs, but he seemed pretty chill and cool. Blah. I would never want to work with him. Sweet P's dress was really cute- she really seemed to be blossomming at a good time.

Christian annoys me less now, and I loved the two of them together. I'm so happy Chris got a second chance!

Why is Ricky on the show still? I'm so sick of his crying and those ugly hats. You want to be a designer, but you show horrible fashion sense yourself with those hats. I don't get it. That being said, I wasn't that sad to see Kat go. She seemed cool, but she really hasn't done much that's stood out, I think.

I also think that Jillian and Victorya aren't human. Definitely robots, at least.

Sarah said...

I don't like team challenges, and even less now that they've evolved so that the leader almost definitely gets the axe. I'll miss Kit, although I often liked her personal ensembles better than her runway designs.

It *was* interesting to see Jillian and Victoriya work as a pair. I giggled with glee inside, wondering which strong-willed control freak would dominate. They impressed me, actually - very mature, two alphas respecting each other's backbone and claws.