Friday, January 25, 2008

PR: In the Jeans

I shouldn't be doing this because I have a HUGE load of stuff to do, but...
Tim said something interesting in his blog, which was this: "On the show, you hear me say, “It’s stunning,” and it’s true that I did say it, as in, “Fix all of this and make certain that it’s stunning.” That was about Ricky. He says he was baffled by Ricky's win, and that the editors couldn't use much of what he said about the look in the workroom. I like reading Tim's Take because it reminds me that everything we're getting is chopped up into rounded pieces.
Anyway, Rami or Sweet P should have won. However, I was irritated that everyone kept oohing over the zippers on Rami's garment. Uh, hello! Jeffrey? The zipper dress? Rami's was a cute garment, though, with interesting neck draping. I liked Sweet P's fix to her dress, and it looked very wearable. I will note that I wish for fewer strapless dresses from these people (there aren't too many ways to add straps to a denim dress without making it look bad, I mused to myself last night, but all the same...)
Not sorry to see Victorya go. It really looked like the model for Victorya was wearing a jacket over a skirt...they didn't look attached in the front, and the matte of the underside of the fabric which she used as the top was confusing. Concept was good, execution baffling.
Not a fan of Chris's work this week. His work and a few others reminded me how challenging this challenge was...making denim into anything other than its usual pieces is hard to make look good.
Christian...both Tim and the judges rhapsodized about his use of a sleeve for the leg, but I do not believe that to be very innovative. I've seen buttons on the back of skinny jean legs before, and maybe I'm influenced by my interest in making over clothes, just wasn't that genius to me. It just seemed sort of logical.
Jillian's design confused me. I liked the neck design she did. It reminded me of the crazy deconstructed 2050 or whatever challenge from a few years ago, and I bet if she did something like that she could have won. Sort of futuristic denim. Wouldn't that be iconic in a way? As is, the top and bottom didn't mesh and I didn't blame the judges for putting her on the block. But I'm glad she didn't go home.
Guess that's it...the competition is dwindling! So what did you all think?


Carrie said...

It's interesting how my opinions about people have changed as the season's gone on. I used to be a big Rami fan, and now that's really dwindling, both personality and design-wise. I want him to make a really smart pants suit or something- I'm tired of all his dresses and weird drapings.

I liked Christian's design this week, mostly because it wasn't a dress or a jacket, and he made two pieces. Sweet Pea's was definitely my favorite, and if she could come over and make me that dress to wear tomorrow, that'd be awesome. I had almost counted Sweet Pea out- I thought she wasn't that good. But the last couple weeks she's made some quality pieces, I think. I wonder how she'd do in the final, if she gets there.

It's getting time to think about the final few, and I'm really curious to see how it all shakes out. I really can't predict who I think will make it to the end.

Sarah said...

My heart pitty-patted for Christian's design this week. It was far less marketable than Ricky's - I mean, who could fit into those skinny sleeve-jeans besides a runway model? - but it was edgy and kind of neo-80s cyberpunk. Or perhaps...Tecktonik, as the French kiddies call it.

Ricky? Yawn. I didn't see what all the fuss was about. It felt like a pity win -- as if the judges wanted to give him a chance (or perhaps: wanted to validate themselves for keeping him in the competition so long) because Christian had already won. Shades of Vincent winning instead of Uli in the Everyday Woman challenge.

Sweet Pea? A clean, tidy performance, and she was wise to heed Tim's advice to cut the hippy-dippy length. But still, in my opinion, yawn. To me it looked like a cute home ec project circa 1990.