Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend's Brief Escape

Aside from hockey overload, here are some things I did at home this weekend:
  • Watched the extras on my mother's HP 5 dvd (I got the one with just the movie).
  • Ate delicious and balanced meals prepared by my mother (seriously, I never make roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for myself, so I ate kind of a lot).
  • Ate lunch at Panera with my Mom.
  • Looked at a picture of my niece's first playdate about a thousand times, because it's too cute for words.
  • Did a lot of laundry.
  • Went to church, and got to see the new baby of one of the pastors.
  • Watched the almost incomprehensible but still enjoyable Northanger Abbey on PBS with my folks. At one point my Dad said something to the effect of, "I can't follow this, but it does suck you in!" (Carrie, how did you do with this one?)
  • Looked at all seven of my old yearbooks. I was a total geek, you know. But I sure was in good shape in high school. I rediscovered such hilarity as the boys dressed up in the cheerleaders' uniforms to support the Powder Puff football game, the glory of our senior year air band to "Love Shack," and the inane ridiculousness we used to write in each other's middle school books...but also the secret codes we had. I can't remember what they all mean.
  • Went to the eye doctor.
  • Went to Bottom's Up, the best dance store ev-ah. I bought blue pointe shoes (except my laces are also blue) and some new pointe shoes with thermosomething technology, and some new leotards and warmups, and generally had the time of my life. The store is tiny and packed with dance stuff and lingerie, and there were four helpers there, so I had lots of input. The lady who does the pointe shoe fittings, just by checking sizes for me, could tell that my achilles tendons are as hard as rocks, and she gave me a marble to do exercises with to help loosen them up. I hope it works, because my calves and achilles are indeed always tight, and it would be awesome if they didn't hurt so much. I was jumping up and down when I got home to show my parents my purchases, and when I got back to BG I went straight to the arena to test out the blue pair (ostensibly to see if I needed to do any work on them, like sewing elastic, but really because they're fun).
I got way lucky with weather both directions, and had a great drive. I listened to the radio most of the way back, which I hardly ever do, but the trip seemed short, so that was ok.
In other words, I had an awesome weekend, and I hope yours was groovy too!


Carrie said...

Weirdly, I am about a half hour into Northanger Abbey right now as I read your post. I'm not sure about this one yet. I've heard this is the weakest of her novels, which makes sense b/c it's her first. The main girl is very cute, and again she wears adorable dresses. But we'll see if I make it all the way through.

And blue pointe shoes are rad.

Carrie said...

Ok, I finished Northanger Abbey last night. Fine, I guess, but it was confusing. Was it just me, or were some storylines dropped halfway through the movie? Anyway, I really liked Persuasion, but this one was only ok. I am quite looking forward to Mansfield Park this week, however!

Abs said...

I am so glad you re-commented, because I was hoping I'd get your feedback.
I think Northanger was exceptionally confusing. Some storylines were dropped, and we never did get all the people straight until after the show. My mom's a champ, though, because she followed the most and could explain things to Dad and me.
I'm excited for Mansfield, too, but I frickin' can't wait for Pride and Prejudice, which I've never seen. Dripping wet Colin Firth ahoy!