Sunday, March 09, 2008

I will be doing a Project Runway write-up eventually, I promise. I'm sure you can all guess how I feel about it anyway. I have just been concentrating on not going to the office during break (I'm at the town library right now) and also not formulating thoughts in the afternoon.
So, just as a quickie update, my cold is slowly going away (pleasepleaseplease). BG won on Friday and lost on Saturday, necessitating a game 3 of the playoffs tonight. I miss my niece a lot. I'm starting to cut out pieces for a quilt today, which is very nervous-making, especially since there are a lot of fabrics this time to pick from. I just finally watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 all the way to the snippet after the credits. I'm going to eat a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. I've worn my bathrobe at least 4 hours a day over break.

See what I mean about thoughts?

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