Monday, March 24, 2008


Hi, everyone.
Thanks for your comments about my health situation. I hate being that person who is complaining about health, especially because I am normally really healthy. I guess that makes it even more confusing for a person whose body is normally under her control, when everything is out of it.
I'm responding to some of your comments here, because they relate to a few things that the ReadyCare doctor told me when I went in on Saturday.
SECP: Goodness, it is crazy that you say that about vitamins. When I told the doctor about my stomach, he said I might be getting too much iron. Combine this with the fact that my favorite cereal right now, Strawberry Frosted Mini-Wheats, has 90 % of my day's iron already, and....well, that just seems extremely plausible. So you're totally right! Last time I was in the store, I seriously considered getting some of those gummy vitamins they have now, or Flintstones, and I felt like I shouldn't. Now, I think I will, and I thank you for that advice. Honestly, if I take Triaminic instead of "grown-up" cold medicine, you'd think I would have no problem with kids' vitamins!
Can you imagine what would happen if Poe came to live with me? Poor cat. And poor me, while you're at it (For those who don't know, Poe hates me. As in, he once attacked my mother thinking it was me.). Has he been a problem lately, I wonder?
Carrie, et al.,
I'm not familiar with Airborne, but I do superdose the vitamin C and take my allergy medicine for my nose when I think I'm getting sick. Several medical people seem to feel that my allergies could in fact be playing a large role. They say that if your allergies are constantly piqued, then your immune system is shot. The doctor I saw Saturday also suggested I get allergy testing again in case I need shots like I had when I was a kid, and he said absolutely when I asked if I should be using my asthma inhaler more often, not just in the summer when I run. So at least that gave me a few ideas (even including a CT scan to see if there is anything wrong with my sinuses), and I plan to coordinate with my doctor/nurse practitioner and see if they think I should see an allergist or other specialist. It could be that all of this is just a blip, but if it's systemic I want to know.

In sum, I had a fever spike to 101.9 this weekend, but I think I'm more normal now. It just feels like a cold at this point. And I have the hiccups.


Sarah said...

Poe has been very good with Ruth, but I'm just soooo tired of his (and subsequently Topaz's) inappropriately targeted messes, and knocking over my flowers unless I put them up on the highest surface in the house. Oh, and attacking guests.

My ob/gyn was amused that I was taking Flintstones (actually, at the time, I was taking Spiderman instead for a change of flavor), but he was fine with them - even instead of a prenatal vitamin. I see that they apparently have 100% of the adult RDA of Iron, but maybe this wouldn't be true with the gummies, which I think are less loaded. And I do think the pre-chewing helps my body handle the impact.


Abs said...

Poor Poe. What would he be saying if you could hear inside his mind? Do we even want to know?
I'm pretty bad about taking medicine in general; I just don't remember. But if superheroes or cavement were involved...