Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Little Vicarious Nostalgia

OK, go with me on this...
When I was at MSU, I was an Honors College student, but before I even got there, my sister was an HC student, and lived on an HC floor in Mason-Abbot. I met a number of her friends during sibling weekend and other activities, and they were always a little madcap and wildly smart. One of the people I met was Edric, and I was reminded of both the genius and the madcappery today when I was reading my sister's journal. She posted this video, and I'm reposting it here, because I think you should watch it. In it, Edric uses the groom's facility at the Kevin Bacon game to come up with a unique wedding gift, and his delivery is priceless. I laughed out loud, not because I know who Edric is, but because it is really that funny.

Also, Edric was known for putting up a "happiness board" on his dorm door for people to write up happy things. I was looking at the list, which is now posted online, and I think I actually remember part of the list from 95-96, and I certainly get some of the inside jokes, which is kind of alarming. Here is the list:
The Happiness List

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