Friday, October 24, 2008

Abigail, if she gave in to her Facebook status whims.

Abigail has a new favorite driving-radio song, entitled "North by North," by the Faded Paper Figures. She only heard part of it, but she got all calm and wanted to sing along.
Abigail was not pleased that the first morning she has to sleep in for a week began with the neighboring house's company using saws.
Abigail is wondering if she can avoid electrocuting herself while listening to the 11 pm hockey game while she takes a bath.
Abigail truly enjoys watching Falcon Brandon Svendsen play keep away with his puck handling skills, especially during penalty kills.
Abigail thinks she is developing a widow's this even possible?
Abigail is freaking delighted that her new office computer is actually (sort of--it seems to have trouble with song openings) playing her birthday CD from last year, because she almost broke her old computer's CD player with it when it refused to recognize the CD. "Is There a Ghost," "Harvest Moon," "Bitches in Tokyo," and "These Friends of Mine," you will be the first to arrive on my Shuffle. Get ready to be put on repeat, if I can get you to transfer.
Abigail has not seen the house centipede for a day, but is positive it will reappear tonight while she is relaxing in the bath and listening to the game, thus at her most vulnerable and least attentive.
Abigail has just wreaked havoc with her "Scared Straight: Anti-Plagiarism" program on an unsuspecting student.
Abigail is sizing up the revisions pile, which she forgot about, having only ten or so rough drafts yet to read, and is now brutally annoyed and considering whether the revisions ought to have a tragic accident involving her fourth-floor window and heavy rain.
Abigail spoke too soon about the CD, she reckons, but at least the player will let go of the CD. It seems more than willing to play "I Feel It All," interestingly enough.
Abigail is not looking forward to doing her job application this weekend. Duh.
Abigail wants to play with kittens.
Abigail feels like she really wants to buy something, perhaps one of those cute coats with the a-line-shaped bottoms (and if so, what color?), or maybe a shower radio.
Abigail needs to develop some pictures and write to her granny.
Abigail feels very annoyed indeed by some of the faculty discussion list commentaries.
Abigail resents the idea that a "university of this caliber" doesn't need "remedial classes" like ENG 110, particularly when many of the messages on the faculty discussion list are incomprehensible, or at the very least contain poor grammar and spelling.
Abigail also resents people who complain about clutter on the discussion list in a direct personal criticism, while simultaneously contributing to the clutter with said pointless attack, which was also wildly inaccurate.
Abigail has been storing a lot of animosity and irritation (read: is freaking out), which is why she feels the need to buy something.
Abigail wonders when she and Steve are going to find the time to shop for birthday outfits.
Abigail hearts Jensen Ackles, and about laughed her bottom off the couch while he did "Eye of the Tiger" last night. So when the show itself ends, people who DVR such things, don't stop watching. She also wonders if we are going to get a show by Jared Padalecki at any point.
Abigail is in the mood for a truly horrific Ghosthunters episode, something that gives her shivers and makes her scared to turn out the lights.
Abigail wonders if Grudge 2 is worth a look. Your thoughts?
Abigail mildly regrets getting back into the habit of playing Nabsicoworld MahJongg, and apologizes to her sister for potentially getting her hooked also.
Abigail has found this a super time for putting off work, but she expects she really ought to prepare for her next conference, and research some recipes for a project for tomorrow.


Carrie said...

Hee hee! I like this post. I also have status whims that I never act on. Like I was watching Jack Hannah on Letterman, and I wanted to say "Carrie really likes turtles.", but I thought that was too random.

Oh, and if you want me to try and recreate your birthday cd, just say the word. It sucks that your computer won't burn it! I probably have the playlist saved. That reminds me, I'm going to have to start brainstorming songs for this year's mix. ;)

And seriously, feel free to stop by and see the kittens whenever. Even if we're not home- we told Mike and Duncan the same thing. They're usually in the backyard or under the deck, but they've taken to hanging out in the garage more now that it's gotten colder. We'll probably be gone for most of the day tomorrow, if you're out and want to stop by. I was going to ask if you could feed them next weekend when we head to Livonia for the Halloween party- I figured you might not mind. ;)

Abs said...

The old computer literally would not recognize the CD, and it would grind over and over trying to do so, and I couldn't get the door to open. Yet it played perfectly on my CD walkman in the car (until that, in turn crapped out, which is why I want to put the CD on my Shuffle :)
It seems to be playing okay on the new machine, at least for the time being. Silliness.
Hey! I'd love to feed the kittens next weekend. Just write me up some directions and dates and I'm good to go. I have a fundraising benefit next Sat. and hockey Friday night, so I'll be in town.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean a walking/walker type coat, single breasted, and falling between thigh and knee? I'm thinking on one of those too, wool, probably in camel if I can find a flattering shade because that can be used year after year. If not that, then dark chocolate brown. I want winter white but it'd be impossible to keep bright.

I think I'll wait until the late season sales, though.


Abs said...

I think that's what I mean...and it's funny you mention winter white, because I would love one, too. I bought a fleece blazer-type jacket in winter white to fulfill my desire to own such an impractical color of coat :)
I think camel would be pretty, but for some reason I'm drawn to the blue ones I see...or even (I can't believe I'm saying it) light pink. I don't know. As you say, maybe the sales will offer something nice. They're just so pretty and look demure and sweet.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, you must be looking at the VS catalogue. That's the only place I've seen many non-neutral coats, esp. pink. "Creamsicle coats" (pastel wools) were featured a couple of months ago in Elle as the coming thing for fall and winter, but I suspect that with the economy being the way it is, department store buyers and most catalogues are playing it safe with black, navy, charcoal, and dark brown or camel, plus the occasional classic red or winter white offering.

What I want is a light, glowing camel, not a dingy depressing shade. But I'm having trouble finding it in a 100% wool walking style so far.


AMR said...

A brilliant idea for a post. I just might have to steal it from you.

Abs said...

Busted! I think I did pull the pink straight out of VS. I think it would be nice in March and April especially, when it is still freezing cold but when Easter pops up.
I have been pondering getting a nice brown coat, since the only one I have is more an outdoor coat. I think you're right that the browns and camels don't always look the greatest.

Steal away, Miss Amanda!