Monday, October 20, 2008

PR Final Report

Dear You,
You have been very patient, for which I thank you.

I finally (!) got a chance to watch the PR finale last night, because I had the sense to look at the tv schedule and find out when I could record it, so I could watch it at my convenience.
In actual fact, I don't have very much to say that is different than my picture-based preview, except that it was good to watch the garments move in sequence. I liked looks in every collection, for instance:
From Kenley's, I liked the black dress with the high feathery collar, the floofy-collared green top (strangely, I can actually picture myself wearing that), and the cream dress with the painted flowers, because even though it was old fashioned, it's the old fashioned that I like. I did not care for a few of her Joan Crawford-esque looks. I feel like I have an advantage over the judges, actually, because they could only see her alleged derivatives, whereas I could see the collection from her perspective--and I still thought it was a third-place finisher.
From Leanne's, I liked both of her tan skirts, the white structured jacket, the aqua skirt (same material as her bridesmaid dress) with the white top (or was it a dress? I'm not sure), and the long gown in blue. I know people have picked on both her color scheme and their concern that she is overly into her architectural thing, but I think her inspiration was clear here, and I thought her garments were very sleek and interesting. She has a way of making fabric look like frozen cream or candy, but still making it move well. I really respond to that.
From Korto's, I liked her new tan dress with the puff sleeves--I actually thought that was one of the strongest pieces. I also liked the white silk pants suit, the short green dress, and the long green dress. I liked Korto's collection as a whole, and I respect what she does for the female curves. However, I also felt like a few of the pieces were a little less relatable--I hesitate to say "too ethnic" because that's not quite what I mean. But some of them felt like real African dresses rather than reinterpretations of that style. The outfits I liked felt like reinventions.
I'm not sorry Leanne won, but I would have been equally satisfied to see Korto win, and that's pretty cool. I actually liked that Tim Gunn was the judge; I know that there might be suspicions of conflict of interest, but aside from it being a nice challenge for him, I think it makes sense to have his input in the most important show of all.

I do wish these designers would practice their runway speeches--they always sound like someone just found them off the street and said, "hey, want to present a collection today?" Why? You know about this for months. Tell me a story, or give me some heart. I know when you're tired it's hard to come up with stuff, but I feel about this the way I feel about athletes giving interviews and using one dead sentence after another. I need more life than that.

So, there's one more hour opened up for me in my TV life. I think I will not watch Top Chef regularly on this go round, merely catching up with it in weeks I don't have a lot to do. This week, I'm grateful for the extra hour, because this kid is busier than ever.


Anonymous said...

Good point on the speeches. Maybe it's because all their talents are sooo focused on design and execution. They don't give any thought to making a witty or dramatic speech, and they couldn't if they wanted to.

If I'm your Matron-of-Honor someday, gosh, I don't know what I'll do speechwise. I know a great speech when I hear it, but I can't make one myself. Maybe I'll do a beautiful PowerPoint slideshow instead of you and your love and famous artworks of lovers, set to some gorgeous music. Then I can drink champagne instead of talking.


Abs said...

Well, I didn't do a speech for you, did I? It wasn't on my duties list :) And a good thing, too, since I was a teensy bit tipsy. Maybe your PowerPoint could play during the reception...I've been to weddings where I wished for something to look at, since I didn't know anybody!