Monday, May 11, 2009

Some things I did to acclimate myself to my first weekend off:

1. Hung out with Stir-Fry the cat.
2. Ate pizza.
3. Ate Arby's.
4. Watched Sweeney Todd (finally).
5. Slept four hours on Saturday afternoon.
6. Went to see Star Trek. Had pretzel bites for lunch at the theater.
7. Rolled some coins. Found out I'm out of penny rolls.
8. Watched Tv. Lots and lots of Tv.
9. Read a Daphne Du Maurier short story in Echoes from the Macabre.
10. Fried up some chicken. And ate it.

On tonight's list, I think I might try some jogging. I have been instructed by my phys. therapist not to run more than a half mile, and to run a bit first then stretch (huh? I know.). I also need to watch the rest of last week's Medium to prepare for tonight's. I think I have a Deadliest Catch to watch, too. And I sort of fancy breaking out the Nintendo 64 at some point.

On a humorous note, I had PT today and my therapist was being shadowed by a guy named Jon from a Toledo high school. His name tag, which he claims had been written for him, said "Jon Rehab Shaddow." So of course I made fun immediately. Later, I told him not to look up my shorts when I was being stretched. It was that kind of morning.

(Addendum: Star Trek was awesome. I hardly ever go to the theater, and I'm really glad I went for this.)


Anonymous said...

So how was Star Trek? Is it a bad sign that only the pretzel bites were worth noting?


Abs said...

It is not at all a bad sign...I just know most of my readers haven't had a chance to see it yet and I didn't want to say too much. I loved it right through, but I had to remind myself to enjoy it and not think too much about the future time line (and you will know exactly what I mean when you see it). And when you get right down to it, it was easy to enjoy. Drool-worthy actors? One of my favorite series of all time? Excitement, danger, and snappy dialogue? I'm all over it. Definitely worth the wait.