Tuesday, May 05, 2009


#1: I am finished with reading my stack of 112 portfolios, and I had ample time to help out in the portfolio room, which I have never done before and which I enjoyed quite a lot.
#2: I am behind on doing 205 portfolios, and with 10 students coming tomorrow and a pedicure keeping me from doing the 4 for the next day, I'd better get home and get cracking right quickly. Especially with new Fringe and new NCIS tonight. Oops, and Deadliest Catch. Oh, dear. Thanks a lot for turning in so many exercises at the last minute, students. Hello, VCR.
#3: I had a better therapy appointment the other day. My therapists, Ann and Amy, are sweet people, and I know they were just getting a little carried away trying to sort out my skeletal and functional unevenness, but (with a little prodding from me, re: my treatment goals (i.e. no pain in my leg)), they finally decided to treat the pain first via massage and ultrasound and then take it from there. Both of these elements seemed to help so far, so that's positive. I have another appointment on Thursday and one on Friday.
#4: Star Trek opens this weekend. Bring it!

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