Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's Up?

1. Is anyone else having mad allergies? I can tell this is allergies and not illness because of the twitchy nose and sneezing. I'm just not sure what's causing it.
2. My closet is almost back together. I have lots of handwash and some dry cleaning to do yet, but since most of that is sweaters that will go away for the summer once dry, I don't count those. Except I do count how much room they take up right now. In my new shelving system on top of my bureau, I have some shelves and a drawer yet to put things in because I can't decide what's going to go there. It's very exciting.
3. I was "DC'd" (discharged) from physical therapy this week, with instructions to work on my exercises and increase my activity level a bit at a time, and let them know in a few weeks if I'm good to go.
4. I have a new oven. It is shiny and very white. I am monitoring it to see what is normal, but I gave it a fairly literal trial by fire last night by broiling a steak. It didn't set off my smoke alarm, and that's already an improvement.
5. Go Wings!
6. Has anyone watched The Fashion Show on Bravo? I've peeped in a few times just to see what it's like...I dunno. It feels like a knock-off to me. Since I respect Isaac Mizrahi, this makes me sad. Maybe if I could bring myself to watch a whole episode I'd feel differently, but I just can't. It doesn't capture me, and in some cases turns me off. I did spy a pretty great outfit in the past week's episode. It came in second. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Scratchy throat, dry cough. I blame the lilacs on their way past their prime.

Abs said...

Ooh, lilacs. I pass several shrubs of them on my walk.
Also, lawn mowing.