Friday, September 11, 2009

PR: Model Party

The Vent:
I think this week is a good example of Project Runway on auto-pilot. It was not a standout, and the person who went home did so because she did not stand out. I didn't hate anything except for the judges.
Seriously. The judges this week were snarky, mean, and fussy for the wrong reasons. The judges, admittedly, are usually snarky, but this week they were not even respectable. If Heidi asks a model how she likes her dress, and she says she likes it, even after hearing criticisms, it is completely unwarranted for another judge to say "Well, that's why you're not the designer." That was classless, and bruised the model because she answered honestly a question the JUDGES asked her, when she is not usually going to be called upon to answer questions at all. Model Valerie seemed to handle this with her usual cool calmness, whereas I probably would have called the judge on the carpet. When the models seem more intelligent that the judges, it's time to make some changes. If I were a producer, I wouldn't ask any of those substitute judges back.
The clothes:
Althea--The jacket was not "all that" as the kids say, and I was offended that the judges were talking up a bra for Epperson's flat model, but not for this model, who looked lewd and nippy in her sagging top. Her breasts were going everywhere! Gross. I quite liked the skirt, though I thought another inch of length would have better. Eye-catching? Yes, but not for the right reasons. Not a loser, but not the winner in my book. Still, go Dayton! (Hilariously, Nick Verreos, I have just discovered, said A's look was not "all that" in his blog this week. With quotes. So it's not just the kids.)
Carol Hannah--I liked the color of the top and the print of the bottom. I did not like the saggy, matte attachment piece between them, which made it seem unfinished. The proportion of the skirt also troubled me a bit. That being said, this was one of the more interesting garments and I wasn't surprised to see it in the top three.
Christopher--Great color, construction questionable. Talk about prom dress...this looked like an eighties prom dress. The black pieces were very peculiar in shape and fit. Had the dress been a different shape (not fitted through the hip, for instance) and the black bits been styled differently, I would have been more intrigued.
Epperson--While Matar looked a little too hippy in this dress (and I mean physically, not as in a 70s flower child), I actually voted for this mentally for the win. I didn't care for the back of the garment, but the front was very eye-catching, and the color was perfect for the model. Yes, a little bra space would be nice, but this dress was unique and engaging enough to get around that problem--and I know from experience. I mean, she's a model. Designers don't want to see breasts. This was my favorite dress this week.
Gordana--I was pleasantly surprised by this look. I had my doubts, thinking it would be too modest, but it looked great on the model. The skirt had some construction issues in the back, which I suspect got it some lower scores, but on the whole it was an innovative solution to the design challenge. Unexpectedly risky without being risque.
Irina--The two pieces here didn't go together; the coat was the wrong shape for an evening party, or even a model party at any time of day. It was too Sex in the City Charlotte at lunch. The dress was the right print for the event, but I never got to see the top part. The jacket aged it up too much. I actually liked the jacket, but thought it was wrong for the occasion and the dress. (And Chris March also calls out this outfit for S in the C overtones in his blog.)
Johnny--I am not at all surprised that Johnny got called out. His garment was indeed wearable, but it was a little young-looking (like a homecoming or Winter Ball dress, not a bridesmaid, Heidi), and entirely conventional. It was a likable garment, and I completely disagree with the idea that things are "too accessible" (things can be very accessible mentally without being physically accessible) but I do concur that the garment wasn't innovative and was, in the literal sense, something you could buy already.
Logan--I'm going to defend Logan a bit here. I was surprised that his result was so cute after the crises he had in construction. The dress was a prom shape, but I disagree with the judges' comment that it looked prommy. The blue was very striking, and he did manage to "edge up" the middle a bit. If the model sat at that party on a white couch and looked alluring, people would be drawn right to her. I'm pretty sure no one agrees with me about this judgment, but I don't care. I'm right. Could it have been better? Yes. But it wasn't as bad as everyone made out.
Louise--Louise did a great job this week. All that pleating by hand...yikes. She captured Fatma's personality perfectly. This was one of my top garments this week and, although it's black, I wish it had gotten more positive attention by the judges. I think it was my second favorite.
Nicolas--The top of this garment had a weird fit, almost like it wasn't fitted at all on the model, which was a bad choice, but I was intrigued by the neck piece. The color looked great on the model, though I don't think white is a very practical color for a cocktail party.
Qristyl--I have made my irritation with the judges clear. That being said, the basic gist of their comments were right on for Qristyl's garment. This dress was boring--not because it "aged" Valerie, but because it was just plain dull. The back was edgier than the front, but the dress in sum was just not going to cut it. Not at this level. Not a bit surprised Q went home.
Ra'Mon--Not a big fan of this dress. The color was exciting, but that flower was a bit much on the whole. It looked a little corny.
Shirin--Shirin had a lot to work with demandwise from her model. The finished product was kind of dull...This was another dress that looks like something you could already buy in a store. I was not all that intrigued by the back's design detail.

And that's it! It's getting easier by the week to get this written as they drop, one by one!

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Carrie said...

The judges this week almost ruined the whole episode for me. First off, 3 new judges at once? Where has Michael Kors been missing all this time? It's gotta be bad when you can't even either Kors and Nina Garcia to judge an episode. At least other episodes where people have missed we got Monique Lhuillier and Max Azria. Who were these people? Sigh. And so rude, on top of it. Try harder, Project Runway.

(Oh, and I also liked the prom dress.)