Friday, September 25, 2009

PR: Lights and Camera, but Little Action

First of all, let me just say that last night's TV was better than most. Supernatural made me squirm uneasily and also nearly choke with laughter on a piece of candy. Fringe was creepy as all get out, and in between (since I recorded Fringe) I had Project Runway to keep me company.

I liked this costume challenge, and it was interesting to see the different interpretations of the challenge. However, if it were up to me, this episode would have been entitled "Epperson Gets Robbed." Let's see why, shall we?

Epperson: This garment rocked my face off. Let's face it--Western could mean classic Western, but it could also mean a reinterpretation of Western. As soon as I saw this outfit, I thought, "Firefly." Yet if I saw it in a kind of badass Western film, I might believe it, too. It was so badass I wanted to own it immediately, and I do not feel this way about any outfits generally. It was classy, interpretive, feisty, and meticulously constructed, and SO clearly should have won. (Chris March disses this outfit in his blog, as does Nick Verreos to a lesser extent, and they can both go do something unprintable. I shall not be moved. Andrae Gonzalo, on the other hand, also mentions E getting "robbed." I heart you, Andrae.)
And the rest (these aren't even in order of how much I liked them, because I tried doing that, but I only feel really passionately about the top 1 (in my eyes) and the bottom 3, and I kept changing my mind):
Christopher: The fit (or lack thereof) of Christopher's cincher bothered me a lot. I liked the idea of the blouse, but it basically looked like the girl had no middle of any kind from the front. If one looks at a side view, the back part looks all right, but in the front the cincher is doing the girl no favors. Lord knows I am a sucker for ruffled, flouncy skirts with a period feel to them, but the fit and proportions of this garment were off and it disappointed me that the judges were that gung-ho about it. It was fun, but it didn't fit. (Entertainingly, Andrae Gonzalo disses the "pick-up" technique used here and by WAY too many bridal designers. And I totally agree.)
Nicolas: I actually liked the floral icicle detailing around the neck and shoulders. But in a challenge that is about constructing a costume that will look good on the runway, I was disappointed that Nicolas won--because it seemed like the reason was that it would photograph well for a film. But that's not an appropriate reason--and it still looks kind of B-movie in the pictures I'm looking at. It wasn't a bad garment, but it was not a winner.
Carol Hannah: This seemed well constructed, and really could have worked for action or sci-fi. It was a little too Matrixy, but I quite liked the cut of the trenchcoat.
Irina: The cape was underworked (it looked like a shower curtain to me), and the dress panels went down too far--you don't need lace over your hips, with unattractive seaming. I respected the idea of the dress, but wish it could have been executed with more polish.
Logan: Well fitted, but a little too Lara Croft. Difficult to make? Sure. But derivative. And while we're on the subject, why pick action adventure and immediately put a girl in leatha, Logan and Carol Hannah? You really both went "female assassin" rather than something more interesting, like "adventurer" or "ballerina who's really a spy." The story was too easy.
Gordana: Gordana's dress was beautiful and styled in a pretty way. Unlike last week, though, when the designer made a completely unconventional material look normal, which was edgy, this week when she had all the license in the world to be creative, she made something kind of conventional. It didn't have her stamp on it. In fact, if you take away the styling, including the jewelry, hair, and shoes, the garment is even less inspiring. Very similar situation to Logan. Even so, I know her garment was difficult to make and I respect that she selected this tricky gold beaded fabric.
Shirin: Look. If you're going to make a cancan saloon girl outfit, you better make a frickin' awesome one. This garment was only slightly more lush than the type of thing you can get at an online costume shop, and then only because it has more fabric. Completely uncreative. Seriously...Western is a very rich category, and she could have done almost anything to reinvent it. I did think the way Ebony shook her dress as if she was completely bored was funny, though. (Nick Verreos, in his blog, favors this look over Epperson's because it's more "Western," but I couldn't disagree more. This costume was not actually period Western any more than E's was, and was less period than Gordana's, and as I said, looks like a Halloween costume.)
Althea: While classically Althea (as in, making the backside look awesome), I didn't get the costume out of this look at all. When I looked at the garment, I couldn't even remember what her movie genre was supposed to be. It looked too modern, and there were some construction issues with the hem.
Louise: Oh, Louise. I was so afraid you'd go home this week. I am looking at the pictures, and I still can't figure this garment out. The guest judge hit it on the nail when she said it wouldn't photograph well, but it didn't seem to look good on the runway, either. Its silhouette is confusing and its construction looks scattered. It was not the worst thing on the runway. But it was the second worst. Louise, I'm glad you're still in, but I'm begging you to step it up!
Ra'Mon: No. I can sympathize with Ra'Mon because I know exactly how it feels to envision something, work hard to craft it, and then realize that for some reason it's just not working. It happens to me all the time, because my vision is more creative than my hands. I can't think of anything about this garment that I like, though, and it was a definite out. In a strange way, it reminded me of the Flintstones again...just like Johnny's last week.


Anonymous said...

I would own and happily wear Epperson and Christopher's outfits. I wasn't troubled by the fit and proportions of Christopher's outfit -- they made the effect more "avant garde" than an attempt at being a meticulously accurate Merchant Ivory ensemble.

So dismayed at Nicolas's win. He's a snipey dweeb and his cheap lacy ensemble was nearly as cheesy as Ra'Mon's lizard.

I was disappointed when Louise went for Film Noir. Way to stretch yourself, girl. I'll bet she would have done similar dark vintage looks for any card she picked, though. I mean, I enjoy that aesthetic immensely, but I want to see what else she can do.

Do you watch the Models of the Runway? At last Louise has been paired with Koji, who seems right up her alley, lookwise. I'm surprised Louise didn't jump on Koji long ago.


Abs said...

I thought you might disagree with me re: Christopher, and I was fine with that. I think he tends to be divisive, which is interesting and keeps the show interesting. I just wish he knew what godets were.
I really want Louise just to explode some week and come out with something really killer. I want to like her so much, but I'm having trouble respecting her work as much as I want to!
I do watch Models--it's like the after dinner mint. I like Koji's look, and I'm glad she was kept. I'm really into Matar, and I hope she does well.

Tudor Rose said...

I loved Christopher and Epperson's dresses for the exact same reason: they both have a modern twist and feel to their time periods. But while I do really adore Christopher's, I agree Epperson should have won. That dress kicked serious ass, and how did I not pick up the Firefly feel?

And, while, y'know, I'm all about evil ice queens, Nicolas' genre was SCI-FI which is very different than fantasy, which is what he designed. That's a lil thing, but it bugged me the whole freaking episode.