Friday, September 18, 2009

PR: Off the Press and into My TV

Hello, mes amis.
Well, it was time for the "alternative materials" challenge this week! I am pretty fond of some of these types of challenges (grocery store whatnot, anyone?), and I have to say I was geeked for the newspaper. It was fun to see the papers whiz around the Times office, but beyond that you just knew things were going to get crazy. I think we, the viewers, were at a disadvantage this week because construction issues (like tape or rips) would be invisible to us and not to the judges.
Judging was also much smoother this week; I think the cool classiness of Tommy Hilfigger kept things under control, and while I'm sure Eva Longoria Parker can be sassy, I think they respected her "presence" as the judging went on.
This week, I put things in order of how much I liked them, just for a change. Entirely based on my personal preference!
Carol Hannah--I have to say, I wish she'd been in the top three. I know her model had to be lifted on and off stage, but this garment looked immaculate and feisty. I loved the color choice.
Gordana--I was disturbed that they called her out for being boring. The dress was not boring; it was pretty and seemed well constructed. It looked like a real, fabric garment--personally, I think that's genius! I would put that on and wear it out of this office building right this minute, and expect compliments. I didn't think it was safe at all, even if the challenge had been to make something out of fabric. I was very confused by the judges' response.
Althea--Her garment actually looked like it was composed of feathers. The fit was a little sketchy, but it was nice to see Dayton (as I call her in my head, like she's a newsie or something) rise to the challenge.
Irina--I was not surprised that Irina won. The collar and cuffs of her coat were indeed very interesting. The bottom half of the coat, though, was kind of boring in comparison; it wasn't as well constructed as the top, and it looked a lot like what it was--a sheet of newspaper. I didn't especially want the garment to win, though as I said I'm not surprised it did.
Epperson--E is always true to himself; I knew who that garment belonged to before I saw the label come up. While it didn't move well, I liked the basic shape of this dress, and the patterning of the colored portions.
Christopher--In terms of ballgowns made of newspaper, I prefered Carol Hannah's. I liked the idea of Christopher's, and I know his garment took a ton of labor. The feathering, though, looked a little raggedy or crude to me. Cutting them in a more curved or slanted way, rather than like palm leaves, might have been more sophisticated.
Logan--The paint job was a little sloppy up close, but it had the right effect on the runway. The shape was also unique. I wouldn't call it a top 3, but it was a good garment. I'm kind of a sucker for ruffles these days. It did look a little 80s.
Louise--This dress reminded me of Rami's winning dress from the candy challenge. It had the same feel to it. I didn't especially care for it, but I could see why it was safe.
Shirin--I want to say for the record that I hate this skirt style. I have no interest in looking like a car muffler. If there were a bottom 4, Shirin would be in it this week.
Ra'Mon--This dress was the other one to round out my personal bottom three. It looked messy. The patterning idea was cool, but the two pieces together didn't match in style and the thing looked overworked as a result. It didn't make sense.
Nicolas--Oh, does this man irritate me. If I could have kicked him and Johnny off this week, I would have. Unlike the judges, I understood the alternateen direction this dress was heading in (punk was the wrong word), but the garment looked too drab rag doll/It's a hardknock life as soon as it appeared. This designer is slinging insults around the room, but the talent level he's shown is nothing to brag about.
Johnny--I am in completely agreement with the departure of Johnny in this challenge. As soon as the garment came onto the runway, I was positive he'd be auf'd. It looked kind of like the Flintstones, didn't it? And how weird was it to hear Tim call Johnny out with the other designers for his tall tale? I can't say that's the best thing I've ever seen Tim do--a little unprofessional. I bet he rues that making it to TV.

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Carrie said...

I liked that Tim called out Johnny at the end. I think it shows what a huge error in judgement it was, and also acts as a warning to other designers. Perhaps also a way to encourage the other designers to speak up if this happens again? I'm surprised his lie wasn't outed more during judging.

But I agree with you - I wish John and Nicolas both could have gone home this week. Nicolas annoys me so much that I can't even stand the sound of his voice. Hopefully this will be rectified next week.

I'm also proud of our Ohio girl! She's impressed 2 weeks in a row, which is an accomplishment. I liked any of the top 3, and would have been fine if any of them won. Carol Hannah's was nice, but I didn't love the different color bust and the long waist together, or something. Of the ones that didn't make the top 3, I really liked Logan's, but didn't examine it closely for construction issues.

Where the hell are Michael and Nina??? The judging was much better this week, and that Marie Claire girl could grow on me. (But still, she's no Nina Garcia.)