Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Hey, all.
Well, having no PR puts quite a dent in my Thursday night TV lineup, but will probably enable me to get some work done.
I'm in the process of getting over a cold right now, one which smacked me down pretty hard over Thanksgiving. One day and night, I could barely swallow. Now, I can't talk too well and my nose needs to be blown with frequency, but I'm doing better.
My stomach is still being kind of a jerk. I'm not feeling it too much usually because we have a little schedule for it that keeps it under control as much as I can. Still having some rough nights. I haven't had any Dr. Pepper for quite some time; been drinking ginger ale as part of the schedule, and not much caffeine. I might try a little Dr. P this weekend, in small doses.
I have an appointment for an endoscopy for next Wednesday; I met with the surgeon today. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but he is like that typical doctor with whom you can't tell if he's really listening, and he moves too quickly from one thing to the next. Anyway, he suggested that if the endoscopy doesn't find anything, we might try a gastric-emptying study to see if I have gastroparesis. I don't have a severe enough case for drastic treatment, but may need to work more with different drugs, which is always a pain to figure out with my sensitivity to most anti-nausea drugs. I think I'll pass on the botulin toxin treatment!
Anyway, I'm trying to kick along and stay warm, since getting cold exacerbates the problem. I've spent a lot of time in fleece pants and my bathrobe lately. I'm hoping this last weekend of grading, during which there are also two hockey games, is not going to put me over the edge again. Just have to keep eating tiny meals and taking my Pepcid AC and compazine, and trying not to get into situations that will make me too nervous or uncontrolled.


hadjare said...

What exactly is your ailment? Anything like Chron's?

Hope you can kick the cold soon.

Abs said...

Hi! Thanks for asking.
I actually don't know what the ailment is yet--I'm hoping the endoscopy or, if necessary, the gastric emptying study will figure it out. I just feel nauseous off and on on a daily basis...I'll be fine, and then not fine. I have to eat small amounts of relatively bland items or reflux/heartburn/nausea will bring me down. For instance, I made the mistake of eating tomato soup with herbs for dinner two nights in a row, which was a horrible idea. Yesterday I was shaky, and my PBJ didn't go so well, but for dinner last night, I had a tiny bowl of mac & cheese and was fine. I actually forgot my Pepcid and was ok enough to sleep. I haven't been very active lately as a result, and sometimes have trouble teaching all the way through my class sessions. I always have to be sure I have an "out" when I am doing an activity, so I can leave if needed.
My understanding is that Chron's is more about abdominal pain, which I don't have much of, if any. Gastroparesis's symptoms look more like mine on paper. It could also be a hiatal hernia or something else entirely.
Fortunately, the cold seems to be dissipating! That is a big relief.