Sunday, November 22, 2009

PR: The Finale

I'm sorry I've been so long with this post; I had a hard time picking things out that I liked and disliked about the collections--for some reason, thinks seemed like a blur. Actually, I'm pretty sure the reason is that things were not very exciting, and some of them (looking squarely at Irina) were very difficult to describe for myself--I mean, black coat. Short black coat. Long, formal black coat. It just doesn't "make good copy."
But I have watched the runway show again and am ready to comment. And, for fun, I'm going to do it a bit like a dog show.

Fave from Althea's: I know this will surprise you, but it's the look with the white satin pants and jacket, with the gold shirt with runs in underneath. I'm not sure why, but I think if I were a rock star I would wear that for a concert.
Honorable mentions: The gold gown was pretty--it was a little like updated medieval, but it was fluid, and I like fluid.
Least fave: This may surprise you, too, but it was the outfit Jaslene had on, the dusty lilac short dress. It didn't respond well to the styling required of it to fit in the show, and I had a hard time coming up with a girl that would flatter.
Interesting note: The black and gray off-shoulder sweater was very 80s dancer. You could put that on a ballerina for warmups right this minute. In fact, that disappointed me about it.

Fave from Carol Hannah's: The very first dress, the gold draping with the black stripe. It is a similar shape to the Althea dress I dislike, but it's more sensual and flattering. It's sassy, not flat.
Honorable mentions: The gold gown--love. Also, the purple gown. Girl can make a gown.
Least fave: The turquoise cape with the shorts. Huh what?
Interesting note: Didn't CH's collection remind you of holidaywear? Like, Dillard's (depending on ultimate fabric choice) might stock all of those items right about now to sell to people to wear to holiday parties. The black sweater and poofy skirt (2nd look) reminded me of that most. I honestly think if she'd stood up there and said, "A Carol Hannah girl is one who has lots of Holiday Parties to go to and never wants to repeat an outfit," she might have won this thing.

Fave from Irina's: The 8th look, with the gray sweater coat and the bird tee.
Honorable mentions: I liked the big floofy dress, but not the strap style.
Least fave: The travesty that Kalyn was wearing. Props for the carapace armor look, but the shape was incomprehensible. I guess K deserved to win because she was forced to wear that garment.
Interesting note: Evidently, by "taking care of herself," Irina means she wants her woman to be A: a beetle, and/or b: in bondage. Did no one else get the bondage thing out of her garments?

Best in show: My favorite from Carol Hannah's show
Worst in show: My least favorite from Irina's show.

Overall, I could appreciate the craft of Irina, but the boredom I felt while watching her collection was very much a concern. I was the most interested by what Carol Hannah showed, though she also had some big clunkers, or looks that seemed like inexpensive Barbie outfits. Althea had some looks that women would like to wear, but her variety not just in the show but throughout the competition was static. Her clothes are not a "feast for the eyes," which is what I look for. So, if it were my 10,000 dollars, I'd have given it to Carol Hannah. Her looks were the ones that caught my eye the most and made me think about them longest--and, I could describe them. Her looks were not the best crafted, and perhaps she isn't as strong an investment as Irina, but on the whole my taste is for the pretty.


Anonymous said...

You've worked so hard to make intelligent, thoughtful commentaries on this fairly boring season! Oh, I wish PR would take a rest for a year, or even half a year, and wait for a really fresh and intriguing crop of designers.

I did think "bondage" now and then when I saw Irina's collection...all the black shinies and the bit of chain and the equestrian air. It amuses me to think of my little sister thinking bondage. It will probably shock our mother to think of both her daughters thinking bondage.

I'm a little tipsy right now...I haven't had many fluids today, and my little glass of Chardonnay as I made corn muffins has hit me hard.

Ruth is up from her nap and yelling at me. Gotta go.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw Lady Heather on CSI, too! Hope you didn't get your vertigo from me, but it passed quickly without turning into anything else.

Abs said...

Mom, Lady Heather was also on an episode of Firefly (starring Nathan Fillion) called "Heart of Gold." You can imagine where it goes from there; she's the madam of a whorehouse :)
Also, I love tipsy comments! I also love that you confess ;)
I'm just a little surprised none of the judges said anything about bondage. But I guess they were going to pick Irina so they couldn't say that and let it win. :)
Didn't you know my sky chair used to get called the bondage chair in college? Just because it has ropes hanging from it.

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