Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Non sequiturs

The school term has started and it seems like my students might be a pretty interesting bunch. I made it through my three classes Tuesday but was starving afterward so I need to revise my snack plan.

In an article on the Olympic hockey team, the man who picked the team said he thinks Ryan Miller is the best goalie in the NHL right now. That's my hometown boy! I mean, man.

I do not have an autoimmune disease, according to my most recent bloodwork. That's what we were testing, since I also have other symptoms like, evidently, Raynaud's disease, which I've always had but never knew could be a symptom of autoimmunes. So, we still don't know why I have gastroparesis and I'm waiting until I hear from my doctor to see what's next.

Also, fun fact: I read somewhere that autoimmunes are generally genetic, but that the heredity isn't disease-specific. Like, a parent could have thyroid disease while the child has lupus and a cousin has rheumatoid arthritis. I wish I remembered where I read that, but I wasn't taking notes because I didn't think I had one.

Haiti makes me sad. What a terrible state that country is in, and they just keep getting pounded by awfulness. And yet, mission trip people come back and say that they are so grateful for help and positive about God's role in their lives. We should be so thankful.

Book contests are expensive when you enter a lot of them.

I've been tearing it up reading, but I haven't really been reading in an elevated way. I've been reading James Herriot books, The Jaws Log, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, and other such things that please me. I did read The Law and the Lady by Wilkie Collins, which is at least a classic, even though it is also a fun mystery novel (ps, Sister, I think you'd like this book). I am about to start The Hunger Games, which is contemporary but is also young adult literature, to continue my trend. I will also be reading Larissa Szporluk's Embryos & Idiots and some literary journals to balance things out (although since some of these literary journals are fairy-tale related, I'm still keeping to a theme).

Yesterday I wore some new pants I made--kind of a risk, wearing them on the first day of teaching. But I admitted to one class that I made them and the front-row girls were suitably impressed. They're gray with a white pinstripe, and they turned out really well. Now I need a new sewing project and by need I mean that I need to sort through the 100 or so that I have and decide on what to do next. The trouble is I prefer clothing sewing during the spring and summer, because most of the outfits I have are for then. Who wants to make a dress or a blousy top when it's 20 degrees outside?

I got really excited when I thought I'd found my computer still had all my old CD Windows Media Player files on it. The trouble is, none of them will play. This is a consequence of having protected the files when I put them on my old office computer, and they of course wouldn't transfer properly to the new computer. I think I have to delete them, carefully not deleting the files that are on my Shuffle through iTunes, and redo them. Terrible task.

Equally daunting is the degree to which I'm behind on my photo albums and photo printing. Like, over a year behind. I need to get a new backup and print CD together, but that will take days. Yikes. Actually, now I think of it I have some regular binders for my non-family pictures that I need to cover in interesting ways and fill with my photo pages. Perhaps that should be the next project.

My carbon monoxide detector started its low-battery beeping at me last night, necessitating that I move my grocery trip up by at least two days just so I can get 9-Volt batteries, so it will quit beeping loudly at me. (Yes, I'm sure it's the low battery beep, because it is digital and also flashes 'bat' at me.)

Ghosthunters International is on tonight. I have done my homework, so I get to watch TV. And make Tuna Helper for dinner, or perhaps rosemary chicken noodles, because the tuna cans will keep. Actually, I just found a can of crab that is out of date by 2 years. I have a can of clams that is unmarked. Opinions? I hate pitching food, but I'm wondering if it would be wisest.

I'm listening to Sharon, Lois, & Bram in the car right now. Don't judge me.


Anonymous said...

When in doubt, throw it out. I know it's painful, but, like, a few-dollar can of crab versus days of food poisoning misery...or suspicious illness brought on because of internal doubts about the outdated crab you ate...just throw it.

I've been meaning to read _The Moonstone_ but keep forgetting. I'll request it from the library right now, and also _The Law and the Lady_.


Carrie said...

I can't wait for you to start reading The Hunger Games. Cause I love it.

I'm currently reading A Gate At the Stairs by Lorrie Moore, and I really like it so far. Only got it out from the library for a week, and doubt I'll get it finished though. Boo.

Also, I'm excited for Olympic hockey!