Friday, January 22, 2010

PR: Sacked!

I was actually quite pleased with the challenge and the outcomes this week, and I was actually excited to post a blog about it. Things seemed to come together, and a lot of innovation took place with a minimum of whining.
The one thing I hated was the judging of the losing designer. Did anyone else out there have a total slack-jawed, huh-what expression like mine? It undermined the credibility of the judging in a way that previous seasons have done repeatedly. I am hoping this doesn't become "a thing."
This week, we'll do the rundown this way, alphabetically by category...
Above the line:
Amy. Love. Love what she did with the painted petaling of the bottom layer of the dress. I thought her garment was edgy without melodrama, and was inherently wearable. Her model didn't look like an idiot or like she was trying too hard; the design had a sort of tongue-in-cheek appeal that I enjoyed.
Anna. Liked the printing idea, which no one else had. The dress was a little drab, unlike the warmth of Amy's dress, but it was certainly wearable. Like the pleats in the skirt.
Anthony. Great color, nice draping, too short. Why do designers think the possibility of butt cheeks is edgy? That being said, I really liked the way the top of this dress was put together.
Ben. I also liked the color of this garment, as well as the fit and construction of the top. I thought this look was lovely on the mannequin, but the skirt didn't work out right on the model. It ended up too bunchy, which was distracting. That being said, I liked the difference of this look.
Jay. The dress was cute, and I give it props for looking sassy and being well trimmed. This for me was not a winner, based partly on fit of the top. There was actually a gape issue particularly on the right side that trapped my eyes and distracted me. It looked like a messy construction issue rather than a contributor to his deconstructed, frayed look. Aside from this, it was a wearable dress.
Mila. I appreciate the idea of making the garment combine past and future. I thought the top was a little too wide (thank goodness her model had a small chest), and there was some fit trouble with the top, front and back. That being said, it was a unique dress, and well styled.
Seth Aaron. While I worry, as I know at least one of you does, that SA might be pigeonholing himself as the punk/goth youth-look creator, you have to admire his ability to put a style together. I do worry that this look might in turn pigeonhole the girl too much, give her too definite of a personality, but the garment seemed well made and complete, and was a punk and youthful way.
Between the lines:
Janeane. I'm undecided about Janeane's look. Liked the color choices, the gunmetal with the burgundy ribbon. The fit didn't come together for me. It didn't seem as though the lines were as clean as they should be. Like Jonathan's look, it had merits and demerits that placed it smack in the middle of the pack.
Jonathan. On the whole, I don't think this look went far enough. It was burlap trimmed with black lace. It fit the model well, but it was a bit humdrum. It didn't stand up to the more innovative looks, for sure, but it certainly wasn't an ugly dress, either.
Below the line:
Emilio. This look makes my eyes hurt. It seemed well constructed, but the red and black against the matte tan is unattractive, and the halter strap at the top was a questionnable choice. It seemed kind of bland against the bright color choice of the trim.
Jesse. Really? An ill-fitting vest with jodhpur pants? Which made the models hips look large? Sure, you made pants, but the look as a whole was ill-proportioned and not really attractive.
Jesus. I cry foul. He didn't keep to the spirit of the challenge. His dress was not hideous, but it deserved to be in the bottom two...with Ping. Rules are rules for a reason!
Maya. This look also made my eyes hurt. Messy. Distracting. And crookedly seamed in the back. This look didn't appear well constructed, and seemed a little too...immature?
Pamela. Yes, Pamela's look ended up kind of disastrous. But to send her home over a bare bottom and a challenge cheat? Balderdash. They even liked Pamela's dye job. Was it a good, well fit garment? No. But it had merits that set it clearly above other challenge executions. Very disappointed this week with the outcome.
Ping. This was kind of like half a look--not just because the bottom was hanging out, but because even the front, which is the most finished part, does not look like an idea got fully executed. I could see the architecture that Ping wanted to create, but she Didn't. Innovation must be fulfilled by skill so that the innovation can actually be seen. The look was undone.


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that Ping is still here. I can only think that the judges *do* want to see more of her -- if only in the sense of, "what bizarre thing will she do if we give her one more chance? Entertain us a bit longer, Ping."

Unfortunately, Pamela's "denim" and leather-detailed look made me think of the "clothing" pages in the old Frederick's of Hollywood catalogues. I do think Ping's dress was a bigger disaster, and Jesus avoided the challenge, but I don't feel really defensive about Pamela's product. Helas. Goodbye.

What was up with the breast embellishment on Ben's design? It was like a splatter or fungus there, I thought. Very distracting from the nice color and uncluttered draping potential.

I loved Amy's, too. I think she should have won for respecting the textured tawny burlapness of a potato sack, but turning it into something lush, lovely, and feminine.

The winning little black dress was...trite. Just that. A little black dress with some clever illusion work to hide its burlap nature.

Okay, Nichol's howling...more later, maybe.


Abs said...

Yes! Frederick's! That's a great comparison. So right.
The breast embellishment, which I didn't realize until I looked at the photo, was buttons. I thought it was a flower at first, but the picture showed me it was buttons, which I think his model asked for. I think he was trying to give a nod to her wishes. I think it's possible that brought him down a bit in the standings.