Friday, September 01, 2006

PR Universe

Okay, so everything's a little better this week. I'm completely done with Jeffrey's attitude, but his outfit was very fitting this week and I don't mind his win too much. Personally, I thought the pants were atrocious, but I liked his shirt and jacket. He seems to be the type of person who (annoyingly) vents psychological frustration by belaboring a deflective point (that is, deflecting from his internal struggle) and making pointless gibes over and over until everyone is sick to death of it; in this case, since he is in the wrong in my view, it is exceptionally irritating. Basically, I'd like to see less of Jeffrey's mouth running in future, in favor of more time spent on the work.
I thought Laura's dress was adorable and also enjoyed Michael's outfit. While I liked Uli's dress, I agreed with Tim Gunn that it is a dress she already does very well, and hasn't shown much variety. She's a litle like Chloe in that she has stayed in her comfort zone a little too long and I can see the judges itching for innovation; I only hope that when she does innovate, it is something that maintains her sense of style and taste.
Does anyone find it odd that Vincent, when faced with dressing himself, said, basically, I like to be comfortable, I like to be simple? Does he imagine that women like anything different? He needs to look at some of the disasters that have emerged from his workspace and apply his own needs to that of his primary audience of consumers. Especially in light of his comments during the everyday woman challenge, I am seeing a serious disparity between what he's created and these ideals he puts forth. As for Kayne, well...he just didn't look comfortable. The outfit was indeed costumey. I'm hoping he turns on the jets pretty quick here.
This episode had the strange distinction of being one for which I knew what the challenge would be before it started. Sometimes you can guess, or find spoilers, but seeing the previews last week, I knew exactly what was coming when I saw them standing on the runway. I'm sure others felt the was an odd sensation, but in a way kept me calm.
Looking forward to more Paris.
P.S. What happened to Michael Kors? It's like he woke up on the witchy side of the bed this week. While well justified in many of his comments, they were delivered with ichor this week. Sassy! Our new judge, Catherine Malandrino can pull this off...not so sure about Kors. He just ends up sounding cranky.

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Carrie said...

You know, everyone on the internet hates Jeffrey, but for some reason, he does't bug me all that much. Maybe because I HATED Angela and thought it was a sham she was on the show, even when she managed to create a nice outfit.

Yes, it's annoying that Jeffrey won't shut up about Angela's mom. However, Angela's mom to me seemed like she was very difficult to work with (in a mostly passive-agressive way). I don't think my mom would burst into tears on national television like that, but I guess I shouldn't hold that against her.

So, yeah, Jeffrey's kind of an ass, but I think you can expect that from a guy with a giant neck tatoo. I appreciate where's he's coming from. He also seems talented at design and construction, and I can understand how he may get annoyed at prickly at some of the less talented people who are there.

But what do I know? Anyway, thus ends my defense of Jeffrey- I guess I just have found others (Angela, Vincent) soooo much more annoying this season.