Friday, September 15, 2006

This week on the small screen

Project Runway--are you kidding me? That was the biggest f-ing (that's right, I said f-ing, that's how mad I was) waste of an hour ever.
In fact, as I explained to my friend Amanda, I was so infuriated that during the commercials I watched the rest of a movie, and didn't even care when I missed a minute or two of the show if I didn't stop the tape soon enough. That's huge for me. As much of a channel surfer as I am, if I'm watching something I need to watch, the channel stays put. I mean, I put on my ballerina pajama pants! I made a huge bowl of buttery popcorn! I'd watched tapes that needing returning in the early evening so as to clear my schedule!
The challenge itself wasn't *so* bad, but it was boring. And this using scraps of fabric thing? OK, I like the whole waste not want not thing, but if you don't have rules about that, you're going to get nonsense like the purse-stuffing. Really, it was the type of "challenge" that makes you think the creators were really struggling. I don't want to even talk about how their plan for bringing back challenge winners completely blew up in their faces and ended up further eroding credibility instead.
Laura deserved her win. Michael was strong. I would wear Uli's dress, sleeves and all (but not the necklace).
That's it.
Thank goodness for Calendar Girls, which I watched immediately following this debacle. It was witty, heartfelt, and entirely entertaining, and I even watched all of the extras on the dvd to learn about the real-life ladies who stripped for a calendar in support of Leukemia research. Helen Mirren is full of sass, which I always enjoy. That lady can do absolutely anything, and it was nice to see other familiar faces like Julie Walters (Mrs. Weasley in HP), Penelope Wilton (Mum in Shaun of the Dead) and Celia Imrie (Una in Bridget Jones) doing something so completely daring, too. Now that's credibility.
Also on tap this week was The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I found parts of it creepy (mainly those all-alone with strange noises scenes), and it was worth the 2.50 dvd rental fee, or whatever it was. I like a nice, scary movie about this time of year, when it starts to get cold and the falling leaves make skittery noises across the ground when it's windy.
Evidently, Steve feels the same way. Zombies.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, the Vincent and Angela twist was infuriating. Dave got up and left the room to read for the remainder of the evening. I almost left, too, but I really wanted to see who the final four would be. Also, once my wrath simmered down a bit, I realized that there was no way Vincent or Angela would *win* the challenge. The outcome was as I expected: yay Laura, and poor Kayne -- we'll miss you, but I think your great purpose in life is to design fancy gowns. If you love doing that, why waste time forcing couture, menswear, or sporty things?

That reminds me...I should see if there are photos on the net yet of the four designers' Fashion Week shows. The Project Runway contingent showed at 9 yesterday, I believe.


Stephanie King said...

I loved Uli's dress the best. I think she should have won the challenge. Michael's dress to me, was just plain.

And personally, though I usually don't dig Kayne's style, I thought Kayne's dress wasn't so bad. I liked the back of it.

Boring Laura should have went home. Everything she makes is the same. I think every dress she's made for the show could classify as a black and/or white cocktail dress. Blech.