Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Glad Game

In an effort to pretend that I haven't lost all my stored body heat already today and am therefore freezing, indoors, in a sweater, and am so sleepy I'm wondering if hypothermia is possible, here are some things I'm glad about:
1. LUSH Troy, MI is OPEN. I noticed they'd changed the designation from Coming Soon to NEW on the Lush site, and then I called, yes that's right I called, them to see if it could possibly true; two weeks, people, I've been sitting here wondering when it would come, and then I find it's been out there all this time. 14 DAYS! I told the lady she'd made me very happy, and she laughed and said, "We'll be looking for you!"
I have a lovely, happy selection of bath bombs, soap, and shower gel from my mom and sister from birthday and Christmas; supplies, however, are just beginning to dwindle, and I am completely out of face lotion (a disaster if your skin is like mine) and I'd like to buy a mask (which you can only get in shops) and some bath melts (which don't ship well sometimes) to complete my collection. And also some Ginger dusting powder. That's right, I have a list. Get into it. So, the plan is, get as many essays graded as I can Wednesday - Friday, and if the weather is decent Saturday, make the trek up to Troy as a reward for good behavior.
2. My face is the correct color. Yes, over break I discovered that the Classic Ivory Cover Girl shade is in fact a bit too light for my face and is therefore the reason I often look ghostly pale in photos; I'm actually Natural Ivory and am wearing this shade today, and while it's not perfect, it is way closer.
3. New Gilmores and Veronica tonight, and since House is not on (sad), no conflicts.
4. For dinner? I think some spinach and pierogies casserole. Cheesy. Delicious. Hot.
5. 24 more hours of no essays.


Anonymous said...

1. Will this be your first trip to Somerset? I shop there a little too often given it's target income range, but with the introduction of new stores, it's now become one of my favorite malls. While you are there, you should also check out Anthropologie- it's pricey, but I simply adore the clothes, and sometimes you can find good deals in the clearance room. Urban Outfitters is open there now too, and Sephora is always a fun place to check out neat make-up. Also, I prefer Nordstrom's coffee cafe to Starbucks there. It's never as busy, and they have more interesting flavors, in my opinion. Ok, do I seem psycho? I'll stop before I give you parking advice. ;)

2. I am still a Classic Ivory girl. I can only get away with something darker maybe if it's the summer, but only with foundation. For some reason, with concealor I always gotta go light. If you were wondering. Ummm, pale girls rock.

3. How cute was VM last night? I loved all the girl time. I heart Mac.

Abs said...

No, you're not psycho, that's awesome! I don't know a single thing about Somerset, except that I think my Mom and sister have been there. I'm interested in Anthropologie, and it's useful to know what's there because I can't take such a long drive for a one-hour stop in Lush. At least, I have to pretend I'm going for more than Lush.
Pale girls do rock; I was surprised that my face was a bit darker than I'd thought. I agree with you on concealor, though. I've actually been using neutralizer.
Mac is adorable, and did you notice how much younger she looked?

Anonymous said...

Ok, good (me not being psycho)! Then let me recommend parking on the North side - in between Macy's and Nordstrom's (it can get a little confusing with the two parts on opposite sides of the street). I always check out Nordstrom's shoes and juniors departments when I'm there, and Crate and Barrel (on the South side) is also worth checking out if you want to look at any house stuff. In case you want to justify your trip any more. Have fun!! I like it there- it's always the place my mom and I go for shopping/bonding time.