Monday, January 08, 2007

The Man of My Dreams: Part 1

I'm beginning what I think might be a regular feature here at Avaciously. Whenever I have a weird dream about a famous man, I'm going to tell you about it. Because I know you'll be interested.

So my most recent reve celebrite involved none other than Karl Urban, aka Eomer from LotR, except that I called him Keith (yes, I know there's a Keith Urban, but this was Karl; I just like the name Keith better, so I made a substitution).
We were all in school, and I wandered into his history class where they were watching a video; I flirted with at least five boys, stroking their hair and making sly comments. I sat down with the teacher, and noticed that she was in the video, in her prior existence as a communist.
After class, evidently (and I say evidently because I'm not sure how we got there), Karl and I went to play a game that was a weird combination of pool and mini-golf. It actually resembled a video game Steve has where you roll around picking up stuff in a giant ball. Anyway, when you hit your ball in our game, it turned into an object, thus making it very difficult to get it to go in the proper direction; mine kept turning into a wicker dress form.
I quickly tired of this game, and so I gave up and we sat down on the grass. I sat in Karl's lap. My friend Michelle was there with some guy (I never saw his face), and we were "chilling" when that Salt n' Pepa classic "Shoop" started playing on the radio. We all started singing our respective boy and girl lines, and laughing. I'm pretty sure a make-out was imminent, but naturally...
I woke up.

This was a pretty long dream at the tail end of a huge festival of dreams, and I actually wrote it down because it seemed funny to me.
Scale of 1 to 10: 8.


Anonymous said...

I remember this guy from one of the Bourne Identity movies. I think he was the Russian assassin in the second movie correct? Wow, I got fooled by his accent!

Abs said...

You are correct; Karl Urban did appear in The Bourne Supremacy, which I did not see, but which has informed me is so.
He was also in The Chronicles of Riddick, which I also did not know until it was on TV.
I did, however, know that he was in Ghost Ship, which played a role in its rental.
Anyway, he's handsome. I like his rousing speeches as Eomer.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow good looking guy :P, I have no problem saying that he is good looking. But I tend to like the action sequences he is in more. I saw Chronicles of Riddick, and I don't remember him being in that movie. Hmm

So I have a curious question. If he was in the worst movie EVER, nobody rated it above an F, horrible reviews, boxoffice bust with a total rake in of about $10.23, would you still go watch it??? haha

Abs said...

In Riddick, Karl Urban played Vaako.
As for your philosophical question, if he was in the worst movie ever, it depends on why it was the worst. And the genre. I might rent it. But I might not if I hate what the movie is. I'm not person-loyal to that extent.