Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shout out of the week

Today I'd like to send a great big holla to Newman's Marathon, on Main St. two blocks from my house. I've tried to get my gas there as often as possible for several reasons, including
  • Two Christmases ago, giving a little box of chocolates to all gas customers as a thank-you.
  • Looking at my car when it was being confusing and, not finding anything wrong, not charging me a cent and telling me to bring it back the instant it did something else weird.
to which they added today when
  • I went in to pay for my gas and went to get a cappuccino. The machine, the man explained, was new, and not heated up fully yet. I decided to get some regular coffee instead and he didn't charge me for it because he knew I wanted a capp.

These people have always been sweet to me, and you should all buy your gas there. They've gone above and beyond the concept of service.


Anonymous said...

I wish more businesses would treat their customers like that. It really instills a sense of loyalty and trust.

Your blog is funny and random. I like it! Mind if I drop by now and then??

Abs said...

'Course I don't mind.