Monday, January 29, 2007

Saturday Lushie

OK, I wish to note for the record that I was just forced to switch my blog to the new system today, which was not my favorite thing ever.

Griping aside, this was a pretty interesting weekend. Yes, I did in fact go to Troy Lush, and I picked a good day because the weather was clear. It was an up-and-down experience--here's the story.

Woke up and got going a bit late, but, well, who cares, it's Saturday. I dressed for cuteness and then went to get gas and a pumpkin spice cappucino from the gas station (because for some reason, I dig those machine cappas). The drive was great; I listened to my birthday mix CD, didn't run into any major traffic, and felt pretty good about life, grinning like a fool.

I hit the first but minor snag when I was on 75 near Detroit; Freeway Closed, it said, M-10 to 375. Use alternate rte. Well, ok, but are you going to give me one? Please? I just stayed on the highway and decided to let God and the highway system angels work it out. This would have been the time to use the talking travel guide my mom got me, if in fact I'd remembered to put it in the car. It transpires, however, that in fact they were going to give me a route, 96 to 94 to 75, a detour which not only worked like a charm but I suspect may have gained me a minute or two in time.

I found the mall with no trouble, and in typical fashion parked as near to where I came in as I could manage, in fact getting lucky when someone left when I was sitting right there (a favor I later returned). I grabbed a map just outside of Macy's and found the Lush, third level, following my nose all the way. I walked in, grabbed a basket, and was immediately called on for it as a person who has obviously been to a Lush before. I whipped out my shopping list, saying, "You don't know the half of it." I think in the course of the ensuing hour and a half I talked to every person in the shop, but made special friends with a few, even chatting about life with a gal named Maggie who I believe is my new best Lush friend. I was given a face mask and moisturizer diagnosis and picked up all the stock that I was running out of. This really couldn't have come at a better time, because my skin is currently in crisis, breaking out but also outrageously dry from wind burn and the cold. They were actually out of both of my usual moisturizers, so I picked out two more to test. I also restocked my supply of bath melts and body butters, and picked up a few new soaps because I'm working through what I already have with gusto. Maggie informed me that she has about ten different soaps.

The bad news is, they're getting rid of Ginger. This is terrible news, so I made sure to get my dusting powder and my soap. I didn't buy the fragrance, because it's pretty pricey. I will make do with the powder and hope I can eke it out until I find something equally awesome.

Eventually, I'd reached my Lush limit, and departed from my friends to get some lunch. This is where things got bad. As I was standing at the court, looking at the food stands, suddenly my stomach turned; or rather, the remainder of my digestive system did. I got a coke and a piece of spinach pie because it was quite late and I thought I should eat, but my heart wasn't in it. I don't know what was happening, but I felt awful. I kept thinking that any minute something unbearable was about to happen, but it didn't. I tried to go to a few stores that interested me, bought a couple of cute things, but really was unable to maximize my experience any further. I sat in the Macy's ladies' room lounge until I felt better, and then got in the car to go home. It was a quiet drive, and actually went pretty fast. By the time I returned home, I felt a little weak, but better.

The remainder of the day was better also. I didn't eat much, but I watched both Pirates of the Carribean movies and took a bath with a Black Pearl bath bomb that my Mum had gotten me for Christmas, and Angel's Delight soap my sister got me for my birthday (p.s. to my sister--I used the Christmas bath bomb last week and it smelled awesome! And there was confetti!) Thus, my house smells nice. If you haven't tried the Black Pearl, it is worth it in so many ways. There's a message inside, it smells great, and it turns the water a silvery color.

So, that was the adventure. It was a good time, despite the few hours of small misery (I blame the three taquitos I had the night before, which for some reason contain jalopenos in small but very obvious dosage. I'd rather not blame the cappucino, though it's possible.). Sunday, it snowed, so I was glad I didn't try to go then.

And now, the obligatory picture of my current Lush stash, old and new thrown together in wild array (note that this does not look like as much because a: stuff is in the basket, and b: I didn't buy as much stuff time, but spent an equivalent amount because of the lotions, etc.):


Anonymous said...

I bet Ginger will be back. It's been around, and a favorite, since the original Cosmetics-to-Go days. However, I just tried my Ginger soap sample in the shower, and it's what I'd call a very mature scent: elegant, rich, dry floral, like a department store perfume -- not your usual sparkly juicy fruity Lush smell. Maybe it's just not working in Lush's new markets, or the audience can't afford the price.

I'll smell nice tonight, though.


Abs said...

You're probably right; Ginger is an old favorite, and it probably won't stay dead...I keep hoping for a resurrection in the form of something else, but so far there are no other ginger-containing products. It really is different...but there's something about it that I just can't place but that pleases me greatly. I feel that way about Olive Branch, too.