Wednesday, May 23, 2007

London: Reflections on Packing

In one of the quieter moments of my trip, I made a list of all the things I was especially glad I brought, didn't bring, and things I was sorry I'd brought, didn't bring to London. So, in the interests of edifying the masses:

Things I wish I’d brought:
my black quilted jacket, or a cardigan (if even just for when my hotel room was chilly)
light gloves
slipper socks

Things I wish I hadn’t brought:
sunglasses (I wore them a total of one time, before I'd left Ohio)
jewelry (scarves worked better)
Personal alarm (I know, I was safer to have this, but it's awfully heavy in a purse)

Some things I was glad I brought/bought for the trip
TINKERBELL PANTS (they're cute, they're fleece, and I wore them on the planes...I was a little sheepish about not wearing "big girl" clothes, but I'm serious when I say these really pulled me together in bad moments)
My Shuffle (trains and Tubes are boring, and everyone else has one, so why not you? Look like a native!)
Coat, with deep pockets
Clean and Clear strips for washing face (bought in a tiny plastic case)
Shampoo bar (contained in a small tin, Lush)
T-shirt gauntlets
PASHMINA (not only was it very London, but as the weather was chilly...
Knee socks

Things I considered and was glad I didn’t bring:
More tank tops/t-shirts (as it is, I wore four shirts on the plane ride home to save packing space)
More books (who has time to read anyway)
Sunscreen (completely useless)


Carrie said...

The pashmina made it to London? Yay!!!!

Abs said...

You better believe it, and I was so glad, because it was cold! And because scarves are wicked popular, for boys and for girls, so I fit in. So it made the "extra glad I brought it" list.