Thursday, May 03, 2007

Warning:Information About My Bosom Ahead

I know not everyone enjoys Victoria's Secret, and I used to have trouble shopping there, too. I had a complex, as I've mentioned before, and was irritated by the sometimes smug expression on the assistants' faces. Then, when I went up a bra size to a 34B, I found a lot more bras that fit me and everything was good.
This week I went to redeem a coupon for 10 bucks off an Angels bra. Since my favorite bra ever is the Angels lined demi with lace, I thought I could just get one of the new colors and have done with it. Sadly, my bra size is also the most common, and the pickings were kind of slim at this point. I actually like the new colors in other styles with the little cut out or embroidery patterns, and decided to try one of these, as well as the wireless. The wireless puckered in the cup in a strange place, and the other puckered under the arms. The girl said, "Oh, well, that usually happens if you're a lower band size. You're probably a 32B. " Great. So we (barely) find a few of those, and I tried them, and the first was snug. "Well, probably you're just used to the 34," said my assistant, and she's probably right, but the other was downright tight. I told her so, and she made no comment. And, in fact, the 32B still puckered strangely under the arms...which was clearly a fault of the bra's make, not my band size, since in fact the band fit perfectly in all but a small area at the top, exactly where the embroidery is.
Now, it is at this point that I realize, for the first time in VS, I am being greased. This girl is trying her hardest to sell a bra, and is not being fully honest with me. It was very irksome, especially since I am fully aware that band and cup size go up and down for a lot of reasons, and I can often wear anything from a 32B to a 34A to a 34B depending on the bra size. But aside from this, the girl just did not seem to be as aware as the assistants I usually have, but was also being ostensibly more persuasive. I didn't enjoy it.
All of this did not solve the problem I was having, which is that the store was out of most things that would fit me. The result, after 30-45 minutes? I bought a green Angels lined demi with lace...exactly the bra I had gone in there for, just in a color I wasn't anticipating. I love buying underwear, but this is the first time since my size went up that I have been very frustrated finding something that was comfortable. I am becoming that person who gets one type of bra because I can't be bothered looking at other things. It's not a good sign, because you know they'll just end up scrapping that bra.
The upside is that I got a free pair of undies and also bought a very cute pair to go with my new bra. It will match a few others I have, but I always like to have one super-matched set for special occasions.
New underpants rock!


phoenixxphyre said...

sucks when ppl aren't forthright just to sell something. I am probably legitimately a 34A, but I too can wear anything up to 34B (I actually grabbed a 36 once when trading for one without a snag on accident, and it's not noticeably more loose). I know having the 'right' fit is better, etc. but I've never trusted the assistants since I used to watch them try to sell my mom bras in smaller sizes clearly not meant for her. I figure, when I can go without one if it weren't for being proper, whether I wear an A or B isn't gonna make a ton of difference because I'm not depending on the back support, etc. that some ppl are.

anyhooo-long rant. glad you got one you liked; hopefully next time they have one you really do:)

Amanda said...

Abby, I can't stand VS. I won't shop there EVER! Dilliards is my place, yo!

Hope you don't mind if I link my blog to yours.