Friday, February 01, 2008

Alive, after a fashion.

Aside from the physical whatnot, the grossness of which I'll spare you, I know I'm really sick because of two things:
1. Last night, while doing a logic puzzle, I looked down at a name I'd written in a blank about five minutes previously. The name was supposed to be Duncan. I'd written Dunkin.
2. Today, while getting ready to do a little dance workout, I noticed that my right pointe shoe was not feeling as good as it should. About a half hour later, I realized that I'd put my shoes on the wrong feet. (And with this pair, it matters, because they're precurved a bit and they're marked right and can't tell to look necessarily, but, well, I still felt dumb. I didn't even LOOK when I put them on. That's bad.)

Also, I have a hole in my sweater. And I didn't get a Friday hug.

On the good side of things, the weather wasn't as bad today as it could have been, students are standing me up right and left (shouldn't be a good thing, but I'm damn tired), there's hockey on the radio tonight, I got a trip to Michael's planned tomorrow for crafty things, and there was new Supernatural last night. I'm very worried about Dean, and I want to hug Sam immediately.
I believe I shall go to ReadyCare after conferences tonight and investigate whether I need antibiotics, am dying, or need to just suck it up and try not to cough up unpleasant things in the mornings. I asked my Mom if I should get some whisky and she said no, so...there goes that. Did I mention I tasted Laphroaig for the first time when I was in Madison, Wis? I believe I left that out; I noticed it on the bar's shelf and asked Kate about it, and she gave me a snort for free to see what it was like, since I'd never tasted whisky. Good times.


Sarah said...

Wow...Laphroiag's a bold taste for your first scotch. Very peaty/smoky. Not my favorite, though I'll take a swig if someone's passing a bottle 'round the campfire. If you want to try a smooth, rich "classic" taste, keep your eye open for Highland Park 12 year. That's what Dave and I keep in the house. The Gallina maintenance supervisor and ultimate scotch expert, Jiggs, recommended it to me as a good general use scotch to stand alone or to accompany food.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Sounds like influenza to me, and for that there is no cure except fluids, rest, and some strong cold medicine - not so much to ease the tenacious symptoms as to knock you into sleep.


Abs said...

It was! But you know what? Having read Dick Francis' Proof so many times, I felt like I might as well throw down.
ReadyCare prescribed me some Flonase, which I use in the summer, and Allegra, to help the congestion, and then a Z-Pak to fill if I still felt bad Sunday. Today, after a lot of sleep, I feel better. And can actually speak a complete sentence! Good times!