Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm so busy I'm not doing anything.

Oh, saints alive. I just found out I'm going to have to go after work on Tuesday to the place I'm ordering my JUNE bridesmaid dress from, with RUSH on it, in order to get it almost for sure on time. WTF? And that's not including any alteration time, which usually takes 4-6 weeks and which I certainly won't have time for.
IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS HARD. Bridal industry, you piss me off.

Speaking of fashion.
I totally betrayed my plan and watched all my TV so far this week. Because Ghosthunters repeats at 11 and who really wants to grade at that time? And I was home so late Wednesday I had to eat at 10, which is when PR is on, so that took care of that guilt. And then Supernatural. Oh, how I knew the Trickster would be back. I knew it!
First of all, Roberto adorable is he? I understood him perfectly without the just have to let yourself be seduced by the rhythm and lilt of his voice.
Chris--Oh, Chris. While I think there is such a thing as over-editing, I, like Tim Gunn, was stunned that Chris chose just to take a nap rather than doing anything else with his garment, even sitting and thinking about it. And he seemed completely unfazed by Tim's commentary, the points of which were obvious to everyone else. I was left wondering how he could be so blind...the dress was exciting, yes, but there was only one judge who hadn't seen it. That being said, I also think the shape of the top of the dress, the torso, wasn't all that great. It looked a little hasty and bulgy, and Chris's nap only confirmed that impression for me.
Christian--Tim Gunn admits his look was costumey, but also editorial and dramatic. I agree with those comments, but at the same time it was editorial because it's what he always does...a black jacket and black pants. Theme and variations is very cool, but it is possible to do that and still re-invent until it's almost unrecognizable but equally fierce; he hasn't. I feel like Christian is good, very talented, and with a successful future, but I really want to see him turn his penchant upside down or do something without it.
Jillian--As usual, I liked Jillian's garment. And, even more, I liked that she was on track with it through the challenge, and didn't have a melt down. It seemed like for the time being that's out of her system. The jacket was adorable. I wasn't crazy about the dress, but I liked the inspiration-to-garment results. Her model remains my favorite model, too. I really want these girls to succeed.
Rami--His dress was lovely, there's no question. I love the side with the draped sleeve, and I love the color. But, as with Christian, I thought this would be a great challenge to take what was expected and twist it, to amaze us by doing something consistent with his taste but also extending outside his comfort zone. That being said, I feel like he was sabotaged a little by being offered the Greek and Roman sculpture wing at the museum. It would be like drugs to him, don't you think?
Sweet P--I didn't hate her dress, and I didn't love it. It looked like Sweet P, but it didn't seem masterfully put together, and I think at this stage the judges were really looking to be amazed by craftsmanship. The dress was wearable, but not stunning. I can't really think of more to say, which says something.
As far as the results go, I am most intrigued by the showdown between Rami and Chris. That excites me and promises me more fashion than I usually get. And now that I know the story, I feel more inclined to go look at the pictures of Bryant Park online again. I should be doing work, but...well...okay, there's no excuse. I should be doing work.
Part 2 of Pride and Prejudice on Saturday!


Carrie said...

I didn't really love anyone's design this week. It seemed like everyone just did a more crazy version of the picture they picked. Actually, I liked Jillian's the best, so we agree on that.

I really kind of hated Sweet P's dress. I expected so much more from a picture of a peacock. I hated the fabrics- that garish gold/red number. Yeesh. I love Sweet P, and was sad to see her go, but she really kind of fumbled that one.

Who do you think will make it into the final three? My money's on Rami. But maybe that's just because I've finally looked at all the collections. Shhhhh.

Oh, and I finally watched the 1st part of Pride and Prejudice yesterday (clearly, I'm behind). I don't know, I found it a little boring. I think I've been ruined by the Keira Knightley movie, which I loved. I know, some people would consider that sacrilege. But have you seen that one? If not, you must borrow it!!!

Sarah said...

Once again, I was disappointed by the pre-Fashion Week "show us what you're made of" garments. Even Christian's made me yawn...yes, another black jacket and snug pants, even though Musketeerish in styling.

I might have liked Jillian's better with a long, less shiny skirt or pants -- it seemed like stark, serious jacket and then a little slip of a Frederick's of Hollywood miniskirt. Unbalanced.

Maybe I was missing something, but what was the point of offering the Temple of Dendur as one of the galleries the designers could choose from? It didn't seem to offer much of inspiration to fashion, unless there were lots of light-sensitive wall paintings and sculptures within the temple structure.

I felt like the Greek/Roman gallery was given as an option solely to lure Rami into doing the same old thing. And he did, the fool.

I wanted to like Chris's gown, and I probably would have loved it if it hadn't been an obvious adaptation of the couture dress. The fabrics and colors were delicious. I'm trying to think how it could have been done better. Perhaps if the shoulder piece hadn't been one-sided, and perhaps if he'd thrown some pale pink satin somewhere. Maybe as a little wristband...very Rococo. Or perhaps a pink bloom in his model's hair or at her waist. Or maybe adding another color would have been tacky. I just think the ensemble needed more color "oomph."

*Finally*! Sweet P is out. I was never a fan. She always seemed like a wimpy, self-pitying underdog of questionable taste, not a cool underdog I was cheering for.


Abs said...

Wow, it sounds like we're pretty much in agreement this week, ladies!
Carrie, I'm sad P & P isn't doing it for you. I love the tension of it, especially the 2nd part...and there was dripping wet Firth in it.
Sar, I'm in total agreement about the skirt of Jillian's...I think it made sense with what she was doing, but anytime gold lame is involved I get a little twitchy.
I only just caught up on the first 10 minutes of the show recently, and I feel like I might actually have picked Dendur...there were some interesting statues and hieroglyphics that might have inspired me to do something Egyptianesque. But that's just me...and I also think that someday you should totally do Chris's garment your way! That would be sumptuous and beautiful.
Speaking of temples, have you seen the Indiana Jones 4 trailer up? You can get it on imdb!