Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Abigail is thinking...

she's going to have to record most of her TV shows this week in order to read essay drafts so as to not feel guilty taking many hours out for a bridal shower in Michigan.

of buying a Lite Brite.

it shouldn't be this hard to order a bridesmaid dress.

that receiving a "Romance Party" coupon in her blue ValuPak mail is really both hilarious and mortifying. I love you, friends, but I don't want to get together and look at "romance enhancement products" with you.

she should be dancing more, but...

her knee really needs to be less bursitisy, or whatever it's doing on the 7-year anniversary of being twisted.


Sarah said...

Is the old Lite Brite still at home somewhere?

I got invited to a Shibari party once. Man...not something I want to experience with my pals.


Abs said...

I think the Lite Brite is at home somewhere, but the new ones are smaller...I can get a flat screen one, for instance. I'm not all crazy about new technology, but I do like my desk space, too.