Sunday, February 10, 2008

'If you want to make it, twinkle while you shake it."

My favorite part of this week's challenge was when all the designers, like children lined up in a row by their mother, dutifully said:
"Thank you, Spandex House."

Designwise, and I know this opinion might be unpopular, but my favorite was Jillian by far. Chris and Christian did a nice job, don't get me wrong, but I loved the bright and cheery design Jillian did, and if I were a Diva wrestler, that's what I'd want to wear. It was also great to see her sort of get her wind back; she worked away with energy and conviction and had a beautiful product. I love that blue with the white; so crisp, so pretty yet fierce.
Chris' outfit was indeed masterful. He listened to his client and gave her something perfect to fit her. I wouldn't wear it, but really, I'm not a Diva wrestler.
Christian's outfit was also good, but (and here comes another unpopular opinion) I think for me he's turning into a one note, too, in a weird way. I mean, how many times is he going to make a fitted jacket and fitted skirt or pant? Seriously, I wish Bravo had a way to see all of one designer's outfits side by side, but I actually just looked at all his clothes on Rate the Runway, and so many of them fall into one box. And I think we had a peek at what he's doing next week, and it was, guess what, a black jacket or blouse with similar details to those of a previous challenge. I'm done watching him make jackets.
Rami...oh, Rami. How quickly the man that seemed like a serious contender is getting buried. I actually did not mind his color; I think Barbie was an acceptable direction. I also liked the ruffles on the top. But the fit of the whole look was kind of crazy. Things seemed to sag.
Sweet P...her outfit looked like jammies. I think dripping with diamonds would have been the way to go, and it didn't happen. I feel like she might have done better with a different client; it wasn't the challenge that derailed her, it seemed like it was her client's gimmick. It was like she wanted "If you want to bump it, bump it with a trumpet" and instead she got "If you want to grind it, wait 'til you've refined it." Ah, Gypsy. I knew I'd get to work you in here somewhere.
Anyway, I loved this challenge. It was weird, it required people to get outside their comfort zones, and it involved sassy "models." And Jillian did well.

Anyway, Carrie tells me there are pictures of the collections up on the web, and while I thought I might last until Tuesday at the least, I feel like I might be headed in that direction, now that I'm on this road. Oh dear. Where has all my willpower gone?
And tonight? Pride and Prejudice!


Sarah said...

I actually agree with you on Christian. Much as I like his designs and think they're well crafted and wearable (for a size 6 or less), I feel I've seen too much black and brown from him, and fitted looks with puffs and ruching.

As with Rami, another designer with vision, it's great to have a recognizeable aesthetic. But it would be fun to see Christian step out of that black and brown comfort zone. I loved Rami's candy challenge dress because it was within the border of his aesthetic, yet it was so fresh and different in color and shape. Not his usual chiffon toga.

Chris deserved the win. His was the perfect flashy, sexy, yet athletic response to the challenge and his model's tastes. (The models were such good sports, too, and confident walkers.) I want some of that sparkly black fabric Chris used as lining. SO black. Yet SO sparkly.


Carrie said...

I also agree with you about Christian's designs, but I still think his was my favorite this week, if you didn't compare it to his other stuff. I thought the top 3 were all very strong this week. I'm intrigued, they kept saying Chris's fabric was green leopard print(and I thought I read Tim Gunn say the sparkly stuff was dark green too?), but I couldn't tell. I wonder what it looked like in person.

I hated Rami's - I thought it looked like a stripper ice skater gear. Blah. And yet I'm assumming he ends up being one of the final three, which sucks b/c he's typically pretty one note. I'm rooting for Chris all the way. I think he has it in him. Look at how well he's done after getting voted off!

I still haven't looked at the collections. Maybe now...