Friday, October 02, 2009

Project Runway: Snoozefest.

Unfortunately, the judges' snarkiness ruined my interest in the judging this week. I watched, but only with half an ear, while I graded essays. They were pointier than usual and belabored their points unnecessarily, trying to come up with the worst metaphorical insults to sling at people for sound bytes without actually talking about the fashion constructively, or providing intelligent comments. I hated it. It was, to use last week's term, a snoozefest. Fail, Project Runway. Also, did anyone notice how Tim's comments were completely different from the judges'? This isn't normal.
At least I learned why I don't "get along" with Nicolas--anyone so rabidly anti-ruffle cannot be a personality I enjoy. I have, in the previous challenge, made my feelings about ruffles pretty clear.
My pick for the winner: Carol Hannah and Shirin. The dress was reasonably cute and wearable. The color combinations of the blue were a little questionnable, but it made sense for the customer, and as the Macy's person herself said, if the two outfits were placed together in the store, they would relate well as sets and would sell. I wasn't all that keen on the top myself, but it made sense. Since this was a challenge about making relating outfits, I thought Carol Hannah did the best job meeting those parameters.
Althea and Logan: The jacket wasn't bad, but it was kind of boring. The skirt was a nightmare, and the pieces didn't look nice together. For the pants outfit, I thought the pieces worked nicely together and were realistic. I think this second outfit saved the pair from the trainwreck of the first.
Irina and Gordana: I thought the blouse was pretty, but wasn't as well crafted and ethereal as it could have been. It was ultimately a little heavy, and the back fastening was questionable. The skirt was bland. The dress was the prettiest things made for this challenge. I'd like to have it. But I think this pair won just on the strength of this dress, and that was annoying. The two outfits made did not really relate.
Christopher and Epperson: That greenish shirt reminded me of something you might find at Deb, something you might pick up inexpensively to wear to a party and never put on again because you spilled soda on it...and you didn't really care. The shirt dress was more manageable, and I disagreed with the judges' panning of it. That was a realistic look for you, Macy's. I've seen you sell things like this before, so don't act like they have insulted you. That being said, I disagreed with Tim's comment that C & E were reinventing the shirt dress. I didn't see anything particularly dynamic about it. But what really bothered me about this duo was the complete lack of relationship between their outfits. They were from two different planets, which missed the challenge.
Louise and Nicolas: Did anyone notice how, when the dark blue dress was on the mannequin, and the ruffle was pinned flat to the dress, with that bit of contrast showing, that it looked chic and even elegant? I actually thought that was going to be the final look of the dress, and I wish it had been, because it was cute. For the final look, the ruffle was either too big or not big enough, and it looked undecided. For the other dress, unfortunately, it had nothing to do with the sketch, and it looked heavy-handed and also indecisive--the bow on the back is a good example. I will miss Louise very much, but (and it pains me to admit this) I think she has trouble knowing her customer and designing for a customer. She got rattled and never got back on track.

Next week looks a little scandalous. I also wish for no more team challenges this season. I hardly ever like them.

In other news, I am trying to decide whether to buy this dress or this dress or both, at some point this season. I feel like sweaterdresses might be just the thing for my professional wardrobe here in freezy Ohio. They also have some new boucle colors so it might be time to get that shawl collar v-neck sweater I've had my eye on...since Lord knows 11 boucle sweaters (or whatever the number now is) isn't enough. It's a shame they're so hard to wash because I'm completely addicted. They have a v-neck with puffed sleeves, too. I haven't seen that much fall fashion I like this year, which is probably a good thing, but these sweaters...
Speaking of which, hockey tomorrow at noon (I know, weird, right?) and I need to figure out what I'm wearing!


Anonymous said...

Uhm. No real comments from me on PR, for once, because it was an irritating snoozefest. Irritating-boring, and irritating-snarky and sometimes irrational from the judges.

That first sweater dress is beautiful! It would look fabulous with a striking antiquey necklace. What color are you eyeing? I like the blue for you. Personally, I am not a fan of cowlnecks. mostly due to some matronly cowl choices during my adolescence.


Carrie said...

Yeah, I don't really have much to say about this episode of PR either, because it pretty much lost my interest from the start. As you know from my text, I can't believe that the challenge was a color. That's it, just a color. How boring. At least Michael Kors was back, even if he was snarky.

I see we both have been eyeing the Victoria's Secret website. I also have my eye on that first sweater dress. It looks like it would be cozy with leggings. (What are your feelings on leggings?) In terms of boucle sweaters, I'm interested in the "boucle long cardigan sweater". I just think it's purty and feminine. Not that I'll necessary order any of these, I just like looking.

Abs said...

Your color opinion is appreciated, because I am undecided. I like the blue, but I wish I could see it full size, since I've been fooled by swatches before. It's sort of darkish green on my screen. What is it like on yours? This is my favored of the dresses.
Cowlnecks are sometimes okay for me because they make my chest look bigger, but they can be kind of dangerous to teach in. Lord knows I love pink, though.
Carrie, I do not wear leggings. My reasoning is that my legs are skinny enough as it is without advertising the fact. Leggings are kind of modelly perhaps, as are skinny jeans, but I can't wear either without feeling gawky. But that is me. My doppelganger wears skinny jeans all the time, and she looks fine. I would wear that dress with high boots and possibly over-the-knee socks.
I got a tie-front boucle cardigan last year and it is extremely cozy. The peplum on the one you mention is very sweet...and very difficult to wash without stretching.