Friday, October 09, 2009

PR: Hospital Gowns and Wedding Gowns

Before I give my PR report, I'm going to try to explain what happened to me last night.
You see, I watched PR in the ER. I had a rough night the night before, with insomnia again, heartburn, trouble breathing, and a cough coming on. I didn't feel nauseous, but I felt ODD. In the morning, I was weak and shaking, and still having trouble breathing evenly. I made it through two and a half classes and was feeling better, but then suddenly felt awful again, and had to send my third class away early. I was scared. I went to ReadyCare, and because of the breathing they sent me to the ER, expecting labs would be needed.
I got to the ER around 7. I tried to explain my symptoms several times, and since I was feeling lethargic and stupid, I relied on the list I'd written down. I just couldn't seem to string a sentence together. The doctor, a resident, was very nice, and took me very seriously. He did some quick physical tests, and then ordered blood work, and an IV of fluids. A little later he came in and said my D Dimer level was high, unexpectedly, and he'd ordered a CAT scan to look for a blood clot.
Ever had a CAT scan? It feels weirder than 85 % of the things you could experience. When the heat of the contrast hit my veins it was the first time in hours I'd been warm, and it actually made me feel a little sick. Anyway, the scan was negative for anything, which was a relief. The non-relieving part was that there is no answer for my D Dimer being high. The rest of my blood work came back normal, and all other vital signs were normal enough.
I did develop an outrageous head and body ache, which is why, even though I had the TV on and watched snippets of Supernatural and Fringe, I didn't really feel like watching them, and of course I was interrupted numerous times. I am watching Fringe right now on hulu--anyone got ideas for how I can catch Supernatural?
The end of the story is that we're theorizing anxiety attack, and I was given medication for that purpose, to be used whenever I felt I needed it. It's a pretty powerful drug, and I asked him to prescribe half the normal dose given my size. He sent me home with one pill to take so I could sleep that night, and I took half, after eating some toast. I'm supposed to go to my own doctor next week (he is out of town right now!) for a follow-up. Today, I have a headache, but I feel stronger, and I'm not coughing. I'm breathing like a champ. Also, I had deviled eggs for breakfast and a brownie bowl for lunch. Did I mention I'm pampering myself?
I watched PR while I was waiting for CAT results, and to be dismissed. I was feeling a little more energetic by that point, so I did get a good look at the designs.
My pick for the Winner: Gordanna
My pick for the Auf'd: Logan or Christopher
Althea--I didn't care for Althea's design . It looked like the breasts were in bags...the loose cup with that contrast color were not so flattering, and the back was a little sloppy. I liked the colors, but the dress seemed a little too childlike up top.
Carol-Hannah did a good job. her dress was really chic and wearable. People have complained on the website about the color, but the dusty lavenderish look of it on my screen is nice. I actually put this in my top three.
Christopher--Seriously? This was meant to be flattering? The look was was very unflattering to the model, and probably would have been to any other model. It was poorly fit, and I couldn't figure out what about the construction was meant to show skill or difficulty. In short, I am panning this look.
Epperson--Unlike Heidi, I am not panning this look. I don't know where she was coming from with Oktoberfest. I think she just got that into her head and couldn't get it out, even though it was an inapt comparison. Was it a winning garment? No, but it was not a losing garment. I think they were looking for a reason not to make a decision, and they picked on his admission that he'd started with a different understanding of the challenge.
Gordanna--The color of this garment was a little iffy for this client, but the dress was sassy and well designed, and took a lot of work. It wins my "I'd wear it" seal of approval. It also responded really well both to the challenge and to the client's desires. The dress was the badass garment of the week, and I was really glad Gordanna got good credit for it.
Irina--The colors of this garment were really lovely, and I always respect a good fabric dye job. Someone on the website, though, made a similar comment to my feeling: The dress was a little bit mother-of-the-bride. It is a pretty dress, don't get me wrong. It was just a little too much in the same event category as the original dress.
Logan--Ouch. I like Logan as a person, but I don't like Logan's choices. Nothing seemed to go, the top of the garment was unflattering on the client, and the construction had errors obvious even to the TV audience. Even though Christopher's outfit was seriously questionable, I think this one should have been the Auf'er.
Nicolas--I know this opinion might be unpopular, but I thought the jacket was actually kind of cute...albeit paired with completely the wrong outfit. The pants were not that exciting, and the camisole questionable, but the jacket would be really cute with, say, a peach strapless dress or something. As an outfit, this was prety incomprehensible.
Shrin is what I call the good save. Her dress was passable--I wouldn't have top 3'd it, but she ultimately produced a good idea from the wreckage of her stressed brain and the tawdriness desired from the client. The end result was perhaps a bit too feminine, but it was at least respectable fashion.

Chris March's blog tells me that the divine Bob Mackie is the guest judge next week, so I do not know what that entails but I'm ready.

In the meantime, in an effort to "reduce my anxiety" (It's clinical, people!) I ordered the two sweaters (one in rose, one in bark (I need something pretty for hockey nights) and the sweater dress from Victoria's Secret, and some things to bulk up my Lush stock, which is dwindling more drastically than I'd thought. I have essays on tap, and Falcon hockey upcoming on the radio--which will win? I'll get some essays done, but after last night I'm going to take it slow.
Peace out for the week!


Anonymous said...

I hope your doc will follow up by rechecking the D Dimer to see if still high. I wonder if maybe there was a clot that had already dissipated itself. I want to say -- drink some red wine daily to keep that blood flowin'! Thinking of you, dear sister, and hoping you're more comfortable.

I guess am in quite the minority in having no problem with Christopher's dress. The photograph on the PR site makes it look more awkward and contrasty than it was. It made me think of a luxe, elegantly wrapped present. I liked the structure, texture, and shimmer. I wouldn't want to put a rounded woman in it, but a tall, lean woman who wouldn't be harmed by some extra hourglass volume -- sure!

I tired quickly of Shirin's woe and whining. Rise to the challenge, girl, immediately. You knew to expect this sort of difficulty on this show. Her dress should have been in the safem iddle -- not the top three.

Irina's gold lace confection was delicious. I was thinking "mother of the bride," too, but in a modern, flattering way. It could be youthed up if we added some long necklaces and/or shortened the sleeves.


Tudor Rose said...

Yeah, in the clips for next week they show Bob Mackie and Tim tells them they're designing for a five-time Grammy winning, multi platinum selling artist. My initial guess was Cher, since I know Mackie designed tons of dresses for her over the years, but I don't think she's won the Grammy that many times, so I don't know. It'll be interesting.

Anonymous said...

New Supernatural episodes usually show up on Sundays on the CW website. So, try checking tomorrow.

Carrie said...

I avoided this blog post until today, since I only watched Thursday's PR last night, and I'm sorry to say I'm only learning of your health problems now. I feel like a horrible friend!

I'm glad Gordanna won, but I would have gotten rid of Christopher too. That dress was awful.

If you end up in the ER again, please tell me! We kids with family a few hours away need to stick together. Did you at least have someone to drive you home? I worry about you, dear. I hope you're doing better.

Paul and I have resorted to watching Supernatural online b/c of Fringe, and yes, the episodes usually show up on Sundays. But you probably know this by now. :)

Abs said...

Hi, everyone...I'm doing better, and I had a follow-up today and I have a follow-up for next week. They keep prescribing more drugs, which isn't as helpful as answers, but beggars can't be choosers.
SECP, I think I understand your view of Christopher's fact, I know I do. I think maybe it would have looked better on a differently shaped didn't seem appropriate for his model. She liked it, I think, but it didn't suit her. I totally agree with you about the sleeves and jewelry on Irina's.
Carrie, honestly, I'm all right. I was in the ER mostly so they could do tests. I didn't feel well, but I knew that having someone with me would be completely boring and worrisome for them. I wasn't "critical" in any way! Really! If I had been, I would have called. I'm not usually one to call people when I'm sick--I'm more likely to hide! :)