Friday, October 30, 2009

PR: No-Your-TV's-Color-Is-Not-Out-Of-Whack

While things came down the runway in an almost never-ending parade of black and grey/silver, I realized that all the winning looks chosen for inspiration except Irina's were also black and grey/silver. Surely, I thought, the judges have shot themselves in the foot with this? They complain about being bored and then essentially mandate that they be bored.

Althea: I didn't care for this look. I'm tired of the slouchy breastfest tops that Althea has made in the past, the ones that are so loose the bosom sort of rockets around while the model walks. The back of the top I liked, and I'm all about big sweaters, but I don't care how fashionable Heidi thinks those pants are.--they're awful. If they were "in," I would never, ever wear them. Is it a "look"? Yes. But not a winner. Sorry, Ohio.
My pick--Carol Hannah: CH is very good at making cute dresses that lots of women would like to wear, and I liked her fabric choices. I did not, though, find much that was original about this dress. It is stylish, and it is a look, and it's possible that I'm being too needy, but I didn't feel really excited. At the same time, I think it was the nicest thing that went down the runway this episode. And that's a little sad. CH is also the designer I currently like the most as a person.
Christopher: Ugh. The top of the dress was well fitted for Katie, but as a garment this dress was a disaster. The shape and draping of that bottom tier was sloppy and unbalanced, and seemed to be made of that cheap-looking white satin that Christopher favors. If you look at the back silhouette it's even less comprehensible. At the same time, that crazy draped-bottom technique seems to be something Christopher does often, and I'm done with it. I really wanted to like the silver petals, but there was too much of it, arranged in an unfortunate way. No. My theory is that the reason Christopher did not go home is that his garments kind of related. Logan's didn't.
Gordana: Ready for an unpopular opinion? I really liked Gordana's jacket. I didn't like the vest underneath (seen better in the Models of the Runway following) and I didn't like the shape of the skirt (petals were a good idea, but not in a tapering shape--the proportion was wrong for Matar), but I really liked that jacket and would totally wear it. And, to be honest, I think I'd be complimented on it. I was wondering, though, what it would be like if that jacket was made of a slightly more luminescent material, or had silver accenting, or was over a silver top, and was paired with a really fluid, silvery pant? I like the jacket as is, but I was trying to think of ways to improve the "look" potential. Anyway, she should not have been bottom 2.
Irina: When I saw Irina's materials, I was excited, and also when she was beginning to work with her mannequin. I was disappointed in the final look. The sheath dress was too short and too tight. The lace-up back was a little slutty--actually, the back looked a little like a craft project, as did the side trim in stripes. It wasn't as well crafted or thought-out as I expect from Irina. Irina has a good idea for color and materials choice, and I think that's part of the reason she does so well. In fact, she's the only one who HAD color this week.
Logan: The skirt of Logan's look was actually kind of cute, abeit paired with a space-dance-costume top. One thing that can be said for Logan is that he has kind of a punk aesthetic and I have seen things like some of his looks go down a few runways. I did not dislike this outfit as much as Christopher's, but really I've lost patience with them both.

If all girls go to the finale, I am not going to mind a bit.
If you're longing for Bryant Park, I invite you to go to Tom & Lorenzo's blog, where they made lists of the top ten PR:BP looks of all time, and the top ten PR looks of all time. In fact, instead of doing my work I have also spent the last half hour sneakpeeking Bryant Park on Naughty.

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