Friday, October 23, 2009

PR: "Project I-Didn't-Mind-It"

First, let me say that judging really surprised me this week. I was not expecting the judges to gravitate toward what they did, and considering I didn't have very many strong opinions myself, I was even more confused. My opinion of the garments was pretty much exactly what Milla Jovovich said (see title).
Althea--When the model came out, I had two immediate, conflicting thoughts: "What an adorable chiffony top" and "WHY short shorts?" I loved the way the top draped, but a really cute and uniquely fashioned skirt from that fabric might have been better. (By the way, I think that was gold pleather or something). From what I know of St. Tropez (admittedly little), though, this look seemed appropriate enough. There just wasn't much risk.
Carol Hannah--Okay...I really thought CH was going to get panned at least a little this week, or just be safe. The dress was pretty, and this was a context in which I liked the fabric twisted and braided--in fact, I think the detailing saved it. But the first word in my head was "Uli." It was so strongly reminiscent of her looks that my heart sank a little. And here is where I think Kors' aesthetic came in--I could see the print pleasing Kors, and the style also. This was another look that didn't have much risk, but at least it fit the challenge. I would wear it.
Christopher--I was bothered by the judging of Christopher. The reason why is not what you'd think. Ever been to New Mexico? Ever seen the art there? Yes, there is turquoise involved, but very often it involves sandy pastels. In essence, he went pueblo with his colors, rather than feathers and vibrant hues. Why should that be inappropriate? I think part of the reason he got panned is that he didn't fit in with the judges' preconceptions of what colors "made" Santa Fe, and that made me irritated. I actually tossed out that component of their commentary.
The dress was actually nicer than I expected from the mannequin, though I agree that it looked flat on the runway, and too simplistic. It didn't look like luxe fashion, which is what the challenge was about. If you look at the dress in progress, you see that the top/underskirt is a strange shiny white material that is attached to the brown overskirt in kind of an unsophisticated way. Altogether, it wasn't unwearable, and the brown and aqua were all right, but it was shaky in several of the choices.
Gordana--I didn't care for this dress that much, and I was surprised it rated as highly as it did. The proportion of the top seemed all wrong, and it wasn't styled strongly. In fact, there didn't seem to be any styling at all. The necklace part looked the tiniest bit like tinsel. I liked the striping in the garment, but the dress just hung there on the model. It also made Katie's butt and hips look big and her chest look miniscule. I wanted to like this dress, because I liked the concept, but it didn't please me.
Irina--Let's face it. We knew, looking at the outfits side by side, that Irina would win. She arranged the most fabric, had the best styling, and her model worked it out. As a "look," it was the most complete. Yes, it was a throwback--I thought more to the 60s with the color palette, actually. I also didn't care for the fur vest. But I liked the sweater shape, and as Andrae Gonzalo has pointed out before in his blog, well constructed sportswear is carrying the day. The fans are kind of in a tirade on the Rate the Runway this week, bored by the colors and the cowl, but brown and cowlnecks are popular right now, and Irina seemed to have the most collected look. The sweater was very Victoria's Secret, but in a good way--something they would only put in the Holiday lookbook. It was more of the "fantasy" Nina Garcia seemed to be looking for (and what is up with that? She was kind of harping on that theme this week.) (Nick Verreos calls this look, "Ukrainian mafia arms dealer.” Perfect.)
Logan--I was kind of intrigued by the punkish jacket of Logan's look. I really cannot stand the skinny white jeans look, though, especially not with zippers at the back of the leg. Zippers on the back pockets I can deal with. I also do not care for suspenders. This is very early 90s and I have lived through that fashion craziness. I also didn't care for the striping on the top, which reminded me of something I might see in a Talbots catalog. Thus, in sum, this look was not aesthetically pleasing to me at all. That being said, it was one of Logan's better construction efforts. Someone on the Rate the Runway mentioned London rather than Hollywood, and I thought that was interesting and possibly accurate. It did have kind of a Carnaby Street look to it.
Nicolas--I liked what Nicolas was doing with the pleating of the pant leg. Then I saw the rest of the pant. I think it would have been okay for any designer to make something that we wouldn't think of when we thought of a world location, but when we saw the garment we could say, "Wow, I never thought of that interpretation, but I like it!" But I didn't get anything Grecian out of Nicolas' look. It would have been just as relevant to call that swathing material Egyptian or something. (By the way, how fun would it be to go to a fashion show in Egypt? I think that would rock!) Milla Jovovich was onto something interesting when she spoke of a whole dress made of that overlapping white material, maybe one with no sleeve. I'm kind of intrigued by that. Anyway, Nicolas' fashion crimes were the worst this week; at least I agreed about that.

I keep hoping for something amazing in this show. Witness Top Chef--they have some truly masterful chefs on there this year, some who seem almost unstoppable. On PR, I think we do have some good designers, but I haven't seen much that I really LOVE or that impresses me with its unique beauty. I want something to fashionably poke me in the eye! I want to twist my hands and be completely baffled as to who should win because there are several equally amazing garments, not just equal garments!


Tudor Rose said...

Thank God I was not the only one who thought of Uli when it came to Carol Hannah's dress. And I was surprised the judges didn't pick up on it (or, at least, didn't in the editing of the show).

I think my problem this season is everyone is playing it safe. No one is wowing me -- EVERYONE needs to turn up the volume, not just the ones who were in the bottom three this week. And what is up with all the one-day challenges? Maybe if they were given more time they would have the chance to do more.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I struggle to come up with thoughtful replies because I'm a little bored this season. The designs aren't exciting yet, and I miss Bravo's edgier, funnier editing.

Christopher was saved by his belt. I can't defend him this week except to say that maybe he'll be an exquisite accessories designer someday. I felt the colors of his ensemble were a bit touristy. He might have been better off with a grittier, sandier spaghetti Western Santa Fe palette.

I thought Uli, too, for Carol Hannah's dress.

I enjoyed seeing Milla Jovovich in action. She was striking, articulate, funny, and sweet but stern as needed. And she's about my age! Birthday: 12/17/1975. I love it when gorgeous women are my age or older; I can always look at them as a feasible examples of beauty. Well, except that they're probably more Botox-positive than I am.