Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hearts for Nathan Fillion

If I were in charge of finding entertainment's sexiest man, I might be inclined to skew things in favor of Nathan Fillion.
Sure, he's handsome, well spoken, and considered extremely nice by his peers. He also gets personally invested in his projects, and if you read the blog at his myspace, you'll see that he's a funny man, and big on respect for others.
But did you know that he also helped found a charity called The Kids Need to Read? I didn't, until this week.
I feel strongly about children loving to read, wanting to seek out reading and bring imagination into their lives. As my niece and nephew start to grow up, it's been my pleasure to see that they're going for those books the way my sister and I did. I feel passionately about books, about holding them in your hands and poring over them, getting lost in them. I want every kid to grow up the way I did, wanting to read and learn more.
And Nathan Fillion is passionate about that, too.
That's sexy, friends. Sexy times a million!
Nathan Fillion, if you're out there, GOOD ON YA!

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