Monday, November 16, 2009

PR: Oops, the real penultimate

I don't actually have very much to say about the first half of the finale. Just this:
1. Carol Hannah, I feel you. How awful is that, to be wicked sick during fashion week?
2. Irina's Coney Island imagery mishap reminded me of Kara Saun's shoe thing (sheesh, remember that season? I still think that was one of the best, if not the best showdowns, between Kara and Jay).
3. Tim Gunn making biscuits.
4. Didn't we all guess in our hearts that Irina would have a prissy dog named Princess?
5. I love seeing the designers' families. And I love that this season all the designers are from supportive families that want their children to succeed. Too often there is the idea that artists have to have messed-up childhoods, which is dumb.

Even though I'm not super-excited, I am looking forward to the final runway, and seeing how things move. And hearing the music choices!

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