Friday, November 06, 2009

PR: Penultimate

Hey, everyone. It's time for this week's PR throwdown.
I love the art inspiration challenge. It's the kind of thing I'd like to do, and it is great to see it with the final challenge when great things should be created...even if they aren't always. I could really relate to the inspirations of Irina, Carol Hannah, and Gordana. CH in particular--I have been known to be moved by furniture (and have been known to move furniture, also). I thought that was a great choice of muse, especially sitting down in the middle of the floor and enjoying its ambience.

Althea--I, like the judges, was disappointed with this look. Looking at the "behind" picture, it is even more incomprehensible. As one commentor pointed out, we have yet another "floppy tank top" and a skirt that ended up all over the place. It reminded me very much of when Austin Scarlett designed a "wedding dress" for Morgan on his season. It was just a moment of "what just happened?" Althea has had some clunkers in the past, and sometimes I really like her work and sometimes I'm not impressed. But I really thought she might be out. And, to be quite honest, maybe she deserved to be.
Carol Hannah--Nina called this gown safe, and I don't really think it was safe. Yes, CH makes a mean dress, but we've seen much safer gowns in the past. I quite liked the combination of the satin and the chiffon, especially that transition. Did it relate to the bed? Hard to say--It captured the drape of the bed with the gold of the bedposts and decor, and I was fine with that. Just because it isn't the direction you'd take your inspiration doesn't mean it wasn't inspired. No one said the final look had to look like the picture. Andrae was of the opinion that the sweep should have been higher at the hip and lower at the knee, but I disagree. I think the proportion was very suitable.
Christopher--I have seldom agreed with the judges more. I was interested in the design when it started down the runway, with the subtle color play of the greys and greens, but I immediately responded negatively to the stiff bottom of the dress. It was just sort of like he'd taken a yard of tough fabric and made a tube. That's how it moved. I liked the color burst on the skirt, but the dress didn't move in a way that was sinuous, which I think it should have. The look, together, just had an amateurish cast to it, kind of like when I make clothes. Not terrible, and probably wearable to something, but not something that will win you Bryant Park status.
Gordana--I really loved this dress, and I felt a little heartbroken for Gordana. I knew the judges had some prejudice against her for previous flaws (some that I didn't agree with at all), and I can't really think of anything she could have done that would have won them in her favor. I'm really glad that she opted to do something personally edifying, and I was so irritated with Nina when she picked on Gordana's selection of a gauzy Monet painting for her inspiration. I was not bored by this piece, nor did I find it safe. I also thought it accurately represented Gordana as a designer, and I can't help thinking that if Nina had actually been present at all of the challenges, she would have more ground to stand on in her statement against Gordana's aesthetic. The dress was simply beautiful.
Irina, on the other hand--Truly hideous styling choices. It was not better when Kalyn stripped off the accoutrements, because the hair was still wackadoo. I liked the top half of the dress and the color, but was disappointed in the placement of that belt and in the seemingly heavy skirt's length (and uneven hem--the back was shorter than the front, even with the front gathered up so, so much). I am all about ethereal goddessy garments, but really. There was nothing ethereal about this, and if it were a goddess it would be a jaded Hera, moved to Miami, overtanned, sitting on a lounge chair and chain-smoking (Dance, Pool Boy!). The look, in essence, was midjudged.

So, there we go--all-girl finale. I kind of hoped they'd send the four girls, but what can you do? I am hoping Gordana will pick up some business from people who saw this last challenge and felt bad for her, or wanted her to win. I surely wouldn't mind having that dress in my closet--in fact, I'll go so far as to say it is one of my favorite looks of the season. This and Epperson's movie genre outfit.
Speaking of favorites, you should maybe check out Tom & Lorenzo's Worst PR Looks Ever
On another note, did you notice how they didn't have everybody dress each other this season? I wonder if it's because it's so often a disaster.

In other news, Supernatural was hysterical last night and Josh Gates fortunately did not die in Wednesday's episode of Destination Truth. Ah, TV. Next week, I am too busy for you mostly. VCR, you had better function.


Anonymous said...

No comments from me yet. For some reason my DVR missed recording this episode. No, not operator error or forgetfulness...I've had it programmed to catch the whole series.

I thought maybe there wasn't a new episode this week. And I was like, wtf, no new Top Chef or PR?


Abs said...

Ooh, weird! Maybe there was a little extraneous button pressing by certain small fingers? :) Or maybe the DVR is in revolt after some unenthusiastic weekly results.
I watched the Top Chef reunion dinner, but it wasn't all that interesting. Except the cooking parts. And Harold, because he entertains me.

Anonymous said...

Now I've seen it, and done a quick review of the looks on the PR website.

Oh, I wanted to like Gordana's, but from the first moment of seeing that flaring rosy center I was reminded strongly of Georgia O'Keeffe's blossoms, (in)famously symbolic of female parts. This quite interfered with my viewing of it as an evocation of misty Gothic architecture.

I wonder what Gordana would have done had there been an extreme haute couture challenge. Would she have been able to rock out of her safe, trim, neatly sewn, misty-colored habits?

Oh, Christopher...such a strong start this season, but the judges gave you plenty of second chances (hoping, like me, for more of that initial darkly playful spirit). But you faltered yet again -- slimy moss on a typical beige stone fountain arrangement, for some reason evoked in stiff grey fabric. What?

I want to know why the judges nailed Althea for a floppy boob top this time, but loved it the other two times. I'd wondered if the breasts didn't look as bad from the angle of the judges' seats. Whatever, it didn't work for her this time.

Still can't stand Irina and her glowering evil glances, but her oeuvre on the show was probably the best-executed and most thoughtful. She deserves her spot though the goddess gown was hilariously accessorized.

Not much to say about Carol Hannah. It's a nice gown. Nicely made, and she didn't fail with satin as some do.

The judges seemed so grim this week. I think Cindy Crawford must have been so Botoxed she couldn't form an expression.

It seems that on both Top Chef and PR this season, the judges are more inclined to consider past work as they judge current challenge results. I appreciate this.

I can't wait to see Nigella on Top Chef next week. She's a delicious creature herself, and knows delicious food (even when it's terrible for coronary health).


Abs said...

Sister, I thought about O'Keefe too, from Gordanna's piece--but I actually liked it. It might be because I'm such a Monet nut anyway, but that association didn't bother me--I'm also glad that someone else noticed besides me!!! I also noticed that the judges were using past work as a criterion to some extent, and I like that, too. How can you look at work in a vacuum, after all?
Did you like Nigella on Top Chef? The sumptuous breakfast-in-bed challenge was hilarious. You could see that some of the guys were at a bit of a "disadvantage" in explaining their dishes as they came in!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised by Nigella's largely unsensual reserve. Maybe the editors chopped her best moments, or maybe she's more shy when she's not being filmed in her own peaceful kitchen with perfect makeup. Usually she's...well, the first metaphors that come to mind are foodish: warm caramel, a voice like cinnamon, a dash of dark, decadent hot fudge in her sexy glances and commentaries.