Thursday, January 19, 2012

PR: All Stars Mega-Celebrity--The Pig

The challenge: Design a dress for Miss Piggy.
Was the purpose of this challenge to collect soundbytes?
Gordana: "I've noticed she has really nice legs, and I want to show off her legs."
Joanna: "I don't think comfort, when you're dressing a mega-celebrity like Miss Piggy, should really matter."
Austin: "I feel like I do really understand Miss Piggy."
Mondo: "I want to remind her of her childhood."
Honestly. I know there is a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor going on here, but it almost went beyond that, all the way to surrealism.
The thing is, since it's Miss Piggy, a child-friendly topic, it was actually kind of entertaining. I'm not one for the soundbyte effect, but this episode was clearly aimed at a different demographic than your standard PR show.

The looks:
Michael--Those shapes, I'm sorry to say, remind me of curls of bacon. The garment is also too short. I do find the fabric interesting. I like shiny that isn't too shiny. It looked like a jacquard but I couldn't tell for sure.
April--The black feather shoulders are kind of Miss Piggyesque in a weird way I can't explain. However, this dress is also too short.
Jerrell--He came out with an unexpectedly decent garment. A little boudoir, but at least a nice length. The pink was good for Miss Piggy.
Kara--Ooh, that's awfully tight. I don't like the peekaboo tummy, either. How on Earth would Miss Piggy wear that? Frankly, I'm surprised Kara is not on the bottom.
Kenley--Girl loves the girliness. I do not like the petal bust thing, not without some shape. It's like she forgot to finish the top. I do like that print for Miss Piggy, and the froth at the bottom.
Anthony--I like the feathers across the midsection and the underlying fabric choice. It is unexpectedly demure for Anthony. I could wear the dress. The skirt has a bit too much volume in front, though. It's not very Miss Piggy, but I would wear it.
Rami--Oh, the polka dots. Kind of old school Miss Piggy, no? A little too much Carmen Miranda or something, but you could see Miss P in this on the Muppet Show. I would have liked to see something a little softer, though.
Mila--I have to ask, How is that black and white mod colorblocking Miss Piggy? It's Mila. Well made, yes, but not with the fun of what Miss Piggy represents.
Gordana--I see the nightgown thing now that Joanna was thinking of in the workroom. I love the color, though. A sweet rose pink. I think it's a little too baby doll in shape for Miss Piggy.
Austin--There is too much bosom "available" in this garment. The dress does kind of remind me of one of the films, when Miss P is working at the ad agency or whatever. But it's a little much as a whole. Miss Piggy is in a kid's movie, isn't she?
Mondo--Good color in Mondo's look, but too shiny. A little too shapeless up top as well, though I like the bits at the bottom. 60s retro was not a good option, I think.

The results:
As fun as the challenge was, it seems weird to be judging these garments. I get having someone's garment win to be worn to an event. But sending someone home? And the two who were on the bottom? This week, it just didn't make sense. If Kara had been on the bottom, I might not have felt that way. I like Kara, but that dress was nuts. So, unlike the previous weeks, the judging made me shake my head this time.


Lady Lazarus said...

I actually loved this episode because of the soundbytes :) Although I also love the Muppets and have since I was, like, 10. I even went as Miss Piggy for Halloween a few years ago so I might be biased. And while, yes, she's a Muppet, she's also been around for over 30 years and a style icon with designers like Marc Jacobs and Burberry designing for her, so, really it's no different than any other celebrity client episode where someone gets sent home.

Also, while The Muppets do seem kid oriented, they can actually be pretty snarky (Miss Piggy in particular, like during judging. She's like that in ALL of her interviews and she did a ton in the fall promoting her movie), plus there is stuff in the movies that is meant to go over the heads of kids, so the Muppets definitely do have an adult side. Back in 2008, Piggy even posed nude with a serpent for a photograph, so that's definitely not child friendly :)

Whitney said...

I'm glad to see you finally updated your blog, I really like it :)

Abs said...

Whitney, Thank you for stopping by.
Lady L, I thought the early soundbytes were very funny. During judging, not so much.
I don't mind Miss Piggy being designed for and being stylish, but I do NOT like the over-contemporizing of her, or the sexualizing of her, beyond the innuendo level. She's a lady pig, not a ho.