Thursday, January 12, 2012

PR All-Stars: Operaaaaaaaaaa

A "couture"ish gown to be worn for a night at the opera. This is the foundation garment for Project Runway as an entity. This type of challenge is what started our starry eyes glowing back in the early days. When I get bogged down with the drama and the lack of interesting garments, usually I can be reignited with a gown chalenge. So let's see what came out, shall we?

Kenley--Hello, froth! That's very Kenley, no? I was actually a little really felt like a Barbie dress, and not in a way that would be really wowing. Maybe a sleeker shape with the organza more overlaid? Swooping around the figure?
Sweet P--Oh, dear. I respect SP's aesthetic of slightly zany color, but this dress looked like it was made from 1960s curtain fabric. There is a certain audience for this dress, I think, but there was nothing romantic and night-at-the-opera about it, which is the challenge.
Rami--I was a little disappointed here also--I'm never a fan of that skirt shape set at that particular level. It's a mermaid gone wrong. I liked the color, but the dress didn't have the grandeur that I hoped for.
Gordana--I liked the idea a lot, this sort of George Barbier appeal, and liked the color choices. BUT--the godets were too high on the top. They went too far up the thigh, and it made the "crotch" of the dress a little odd looking. If that had been lower, I would really have gone for this dress! It was unique, as Gordana pointed out, but still perfectly suitable for an opera night. I'd wear it.
Jerrell--The poofy black top looked like a negligee. I was intrigued by the bottom fabric, but the dress looked poorly fit together--the look was not unified. I'd have liked to see that bottom fabric used in a more exciting way.
Kara--This look does not have enough "design." It has a decent shape, but it isn't a wow by any stretch. Side note--the judges just went nuts about pockets in a dress. I like them, too, but it's not going to make me swoon. Anyway, I thought the fabric might be better suited to a tea dress. Or a tea cozy.
Anthony--She looks like...Princess Leia got her dress sliced up. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it is just exactly what I thought of. Like he'd been asked to take Leia's New Hope dress and make it an evening garment for today's luxury woman. I wasn't really into the choice of jewelry in the belt. It didn't quite work. Leia would have a better choice in her closet.
Austin--I'm not a big fan of the tulle at the bodice, because it seems like not enough tulle somehow. I like the gold of the dress, a lot more than I thought I would, and the bold criss-cross over the middle. The black and gold did work there for contrast.
April--I like the ombre of the red and black, unlike some of the judges. The top seems very messy. I like the translation of April's edge, but it's not tidy enough. Side note--How can you not like red and black together? For OPERA? Hello, Carmen?
Michael--This dress did not have the same expensive feel as others did, I think because there was too much to the dress in front. I did like the beading trim and the shape of the feathers up top. I'm into the shape of the that shoulder and neck portion--I've had my eye on other dresses like that. That being said, I was still a little surprised that the judges thought it was expensive-looking. Well, expensive, yes, but not a bank-breaker. The trim plus the draped bodice was too much for me.
Mila--I actually forgot for a minute what she designed. I didn't write notes this time. Then I said, "was it something black?" Yes. Black and sparkly and long. Clearly, I didn't have a strong opinion about this garment. It seemed well produced, which is fine. Just a perfectly acceptable dress, no more, no less.
Mondo--I loved the fabric selection and the pumped up class of the outfit Mondo made--I'm liking this new restraint of his without losing his Mondo. That white and silver fabric was really quite amazing. I didn't like that it was a short dress, though. I can understand the choice, but, well, in my brain that fabric could have been more of a wow in a longer shape.

I'm not surprised Austin won, but to be honest, I was most intrigued by Gordana's dress. I'd like to have another look at it, actually. It was really kind of the most interesting garment up there to my eyes. I know I sound a little hesitant here, but I don't mean to. I think the woman put up a great garment.
I'm also not surprised that Sweet P went home. I am just surprised that it wasn't Kara in the bottom two with her.

Have you been watching 24-Hour Catwalk? I'm intrigued by the idea, and I like that it's different people each time. I also think the "what's in the trunk" thing is kind of funny, since it is blatantly copying a few cooking shows. Here again, though, I'm not really listening, just watching enough to see what the challenge is and what the result is. We'll see how this wears (ha ha).

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