Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PR: Gelato-ized Fashion

Sorry about the delay--I got behind on my work last week and recorded the show, and was only just now able to watch.
Designers made fashions "inspired" by gelato flavors. In theory I am supportive of this. But I don't think throwing so many things at a six-hour challenge (Diane vonF, Miranda Kerr wearing the dress at an event) was such a great idea. "When you rush a miracle, you get rotten miracles," as Miracle Max so aptly told us.

Mondo--Orange and green caftan. A little old looking? I am not surprised by Diane's liking his garment, because she is well known for her ease, but I have to say I thought the colors were too literal a rendering of the cantaloupe.
Anthony--He used an asymmetric draped front again, which is sort of becoming his signature. I didn't diss the look as much as the judges. I liked Anthony's look better than Rami's in concept.
Kenley--Kind of a basic pink and yellow patterned dress here...not very special, but certainly clean. Very safe. Very Kenley.
Rami--I don't get it Polka dots and ruched chiffon and a whole bunch of shades of lime...I mean kiwi? Where is the taste here? I was really surprised he was not on the bottom.
Mila--I kind of like the bottom of this red and white dress. I feel like the top was too blousy, though...too unformed. It was bright, which appealed to me. I thought Diane would like it more than she did. I did agree that it was over-accessorized.
Jerell--He is complaining about a competitor's caftan? The strapping was kind of interesting up top, but the stuff stuck on in the chest area was a mistake. The look actually ended up being sort of resorty without looking middle-aged. But what is fruits of the forest? The prints he used were kind of odd together regardless of what that means.
Kara--"You want to lick this dress." That sort of cracked me up. I do see what she was going for now, but I really wish she'd opted to put darker shades up top and in the first tier or so. I also was reminded of Sweet P's tiered dress, which was also flat and unfinished-looking.
Michael--I like the color of pink he selected. The dress reminded me of a boudoir garment. I actually liked it because of the color, and the drape. It reminds me a little of my favorite Burberry trench coat. Not usually a Michael fan, but this one got me in a happy place. The hair on his model was wrong--should have been a softer coiled braid, not the parted look. More like Dianna Agron's hair at the SAGs.
April--The dress is kind of cute up top, with an interesting shape, and I like the multiple layers of blue to make the blueberry effect, but the skirt was kind of crazy. A really unfortunate issue. I hate to say this, but this might have been the time for a slightly bubbled skirt. Would that be too literal? I don't mean a really bubbled thing, just something that would make the skirt bottom nice in a short amount of time.
Austin--Kind of a spring hippie bride look? A forest nymph? I don't mind that, and it was very vanilla-y, but it wasn't very Madagascar-y (whatever that means).

Let's think about what dress you would rather see Miranda Kerr in at an industry event. There aren't many that are very VS Angel-adequate. I grant that the designers didn't know that was a factor. I could really only see Kerr in Mila's or Michael's, and Michael's is the only one that actually looked "expensive" (Help! I sound like Nina!). So, Michael was the obvious choice to win. April...well, I feel bad, but her look made the least sense, with that skirt.

Next week? Clothes...off someone else's back.

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